Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Investment Purchases And Clearance Shoes

Once my children starting attending school, I realized that cheap shoes from Walmart or Payless Shoes were not going to hold up to the wear and tear that rough and tumble playground play was inflicting on them. We were averaging a new pair of shoes every two to four months. Buying several pairs of inexpensive shoes ends up costing more than one pair of high quality shoes. Shoe purchases have become what I call "investment purchases".

My definition of an "investment purchase" is spending a little more money on an item if  the quality will a) stand up to the excessive wear and tear my family will inflict (furniture, shoes, cars, bicycles, etc.),  b) it will save us money in the long run ( energy efficient appliances, small kitchen appliances, freezers, etc.), or c) it is a purchase that I want to get a very long life out of (all of the above). Most "investment purchases" can be bought on sale or even on clearance, so if you shop around, the initial investment is the same or a little bit more than you would spend on the cheaper version.

Anyway, back on I make it a habit to always check the clearance shoe racks at Ross, T.J. Maxx, Fred Meyers, Shoe Carnival and our local sporting goods stores. As the stores get their shipments of the new season's styles and colors of shoes  they always clearance out "last season's models". I can usually find name brand athletic shoes, dress shoes, or snow boots for 1/2 to 3/4 off the regular price. If the price is right and someone is not currently in need of new shoes, I will buy the size bigger and put them away for later. I especially love name brand athletic shoes made with mesh (breathable) fabric. It keeps "stinky" children feet in check!

We hit pay dirt Monday night! Child #3's feet have been growing at an unusually rapid rate (for my budget, anyway), and had outgrown yet another pair of shoes. We wandered into our local Shoe Carnival, and they had a huge clearance sale going on.  To sweeten the pot they were running a twenty minute Buy One, Get One Half Off promo. We found three pairs of shoes:

  • A pair of Conserve tennis shoes (child #3 has been coveting a pair for awhile). Original price $54.99. On clearance for $20.00 (after 1/2 off second pairs of shoes promo $10.00).
  • A pair of black leather flats for Child #2 (she has currently confiscated my pair of black flats, and I wanted them back!). Original price $34.99. On clearance for $5.00.
  • A pair of Asic running shoes (These are for me. I am trying to start running, again, and the gel soles in the Asics running shoes keep my back and knees from hurting while I am exercising.). Original price $69.99 on clearance for $35.00.
We were able to purchase three pairs of shoes for $50.00 (the cost of ONE pair of regular priced shoes). If we had paid the original prices, we would have spent $159.97! Now everyone is happy with their new shoes, and my shoe budget is not a smoking crater (which makes me happy)!


  1. Wow... that is a great haul! I don't know about you, but I actually enjoy shopping when I can get good deals such as those.

    -Denise Denise @ The Single Saver / Budget Confidential

  2. Great job! I used to buy a size larger, too, on the clearance when my boys were teenagers.

  3. Wow! You got some great deals. I am totally of the opinion too that some things are worth more the long run!

  4. Those are incredible prices. Good for you!!!



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