Sunday, November 14, 2010

This Week's Menu

Who knew that planning menus for the last two weeks would really help to keep me organized and on task! Many have preached it's benefits to me, but I never fully believed until I really tried it for myself. I have been plowing through some pantry inventory that has really needed to be used, and my weekly food waste has shrunk down to barely anything. Plus, it has been really nice to know what I will be making for dinner each night, instead of staring down a pound of frozen hamburger at 5:05....willing it to tell me what it will morph into for dinner that night! All benefits in my mind! I would really like to continue posting my weekly menu plan for awhile. Hopefully, committing my menu's into print, for you all to read, will help me to continue my new "habit"! Here's this week's menu:

Country Gravy
Fried eggs

Cream Cheese Chicken
Corn on the Cob
Green Beans

Fruit Salad

Baked Acorn Squash
Leftover Fruit Salad

Thursday (busy night at our house)
Leftover Lasagna
Green Salad
Leftover Bread Sticks

Home made Pizza
Green Salad 
Home made applesauce

Leftover Night

I would love to hear what all my bloggy friends make for dinner. What are your families dinner favorites?


  1. Your weekly menu looks like one that everyone would look forward to! I have to pack a lunch, too, so planning extra servings really makes it easier! Your blog is a real inspiration!:-)

  2. I like to make my plan for the next week. Just got done posting it. Two meals from freezer cooking makes this a nice week for me. Have a great week. Need to check out that Taco soup recipe.

  3. Staring down a pound of frozen hamburger at 5:05. So true! I may have to give menu planning a try. Tonight we're having Cheeseburger Pie a la Bisquick! =D

  4. I blogged about menu planning over the weekend. I also did a bulk cook on Sunday, with ended up being super stressful for me. But now I am stress free for the rest of the week. Yoopee!!! Meals are in abundance and I don't have to dream of takeaway - because my prepared meals at home are faster then the queue at the takeaway shop. :-)
    I look forward to your menu's.



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