Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

The sun is shining today! The storm has blown over, and although the temperatures have plummeted into singledigits, the snow has stopped. Snow really is beautiful when the sun is shining on it! We gave our kid's an early Christmas gift of sleds and waterproof gloves (the kid's have been previously wearing mismatched sets of gloves, because like socks, one always gets lost!). They are planning on a grand sledding adventure with the other neighbor kids, as soon as everyone's chores are done. We are lucky that our neighborhood is six blocks (more or less) away from the local municipal golf course. A golf course that is gloriously peppered with hills that are perfect for cross country skiing and sledding. Oh, life's  simple pleasures!

As for myself, I will be doing some holiday prep work and baking today! Our plans of leaving for the Thanksgiving holiday changed at the last minute, do to time, financial, and weather constraints. I am okay with that, because this is the first time in seventeen years that it will be just my little family enjoying the holiday together. I am going to treasure the whole weekend, because my babies are growing up and Child #1 will be leaving the nest soon. The just keep growing up, despite my best efforts. Tomorrow's menu will consist of:

Roast Turkey
Turkey Gravy
Mashed Potatoes
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Stuffing (from a box)
Green beans
Homemade Rolls
Pumpkin and Apple Pie

You can see that I follow the "No Carb Left Behind" rule when it comes to Holiday cooking!

I hope all of my Bloggy friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! I am very grateful for each one of you! I have made so many lovely friends over this last year. I enjoy and treasure the comments you leave me, and I appreciate your support of my silly little venture! Thank you!!!!!!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Tina! Your menu sounds delicious!

    This is our first Thanksgiving in years that we're sharing with others outside of our immediate family, mainly because we don't have other family that lives close by. The only thing that would make it better would be if my son and his wife could be here.

    True story: The first time his wife saw a turkey (she's Japanese) she screamed and started crying because it scared her so much. Fast forward six years and she roasts a mean turkey herself.

  2. Enjoy! I wish we had snow here in Michigan...just rain and fog.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Your meal sounds like it was delicious.

  4. LOL! My entire diet is pretty much "no carb left behind"! Too funny.



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