Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Merry Christmas?

I was going to post this week's specials at Ridley's this morning, but they have not updated their ad. I am assuming that most of last week's specials will continue through the holiday. I had really great intentions this week of getting some shopping,baking, and jelly making done for the upcoming Christmas holiday. This year I am going to be organized and on top of my game the whole holiday season ( If  I say it out loud, it will happen.....right?)!  In fact, I have a daily to do list written and prioritized. Unfortunately (for me, my children are quite happy about it), our region has been blessed with  continual storm fronts for the last 3 days. We are currently under a storm watch and blizzard advisory until 11:00 pm tonight. My children have gotten a much prayed for (by them) snow day.Right now  the state police have cautioned driving only as necessary. We are in the mist of blowing snow (30mph winds), falling snow (2 - 4 inches more accumulation), and icy road conditions. If you have ever been to Idaho or the North Western United States, you will know that you take the weather seriously, because it can turn on a dime!
I had planned on going to Costco to buy a few grocery items (and a Christmas gift or two). Now I am on to plan B. You can not sneakily buy Christmas gifts when your children are with you at Costco. I guess today will be all about snow clothes, hot chocolate, and keeping the peace amongst the citizens here in Barretpotamia! Maybe, a little jelly making and house cleaning will get done, too. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of our snow storm with you (at least through photos)!

 (it really is pretty if you don't have any where to go)
 (here's are total accumulation, so far)
 ( Here's Child #1's pride and joy. He is very sad that he is not allowed to drive today because of the nasty conditions)
 (it beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in my neighborhood)
(this picture doesn't do it justice, but the wind is blowing so hard it is coming down sideways)

(it just keeps getting snowier and snowier)

 This is the first time I can remember in years that we have had a White Thanksgiving. Maybe this storm is a blessing in disguise? I'll have to get back to you on that!!


  1. We were dumped on on Sunday. Today another storm is hitting us too. Ogden will get blasted when you add in the lake effect. We'll see what it does here. It is blowing and shaping up to be nasty. No snow falling yet though. They say we will get it this afternoon and blizzard warnings are in effect for tonight. I did say I wanted a white Christmas ya know!

  2. Uh oh... I am hoping you don't live too close to "Budget Confidentialville" as I have a guest driving up from down south to join us this year.

    The snow is pretty, though!

  3. Budget Confidential,
    I'll try and keep the snow to myself, and not share the wealth! Enjoy your company!

  4. Wow! It is sunny and 50 here in Columbus today. My boys would give anything to be where you are! I think I need to get snowed in about a week or two before Christmas. I always have a good plan, budget, etc. and have everything done by Dec 1st, but then I go out into the stores and buy a bunch of extra stuff. Maybe I will pretend I am snowed in when the time comes, ha ha. Stay warm!

  5. Shannon,
    Good plan! I have half my shopping done. I am just waiting (and hoping) for some great internet shopping deals.

  6. Wow!! Reminds me of a few years ago. Must be the storms that hit us. Kids have been out of school and church was canceled. Imagine that???? New concept for me. Widespread power outages. We finally just got it back. Enjoy the snow and relax a bit. Sometimes it is nice to not beable to go anywhere!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  7. Oh, brrrrr! Great photos! Try to enjoy it. Baking, hot chocolate, reading, watching Christmas movies - sounds kind of cozy and nice. Hope your Thanksgiving is truly wonderful!!!

  8. Wow! What beautiful pictures of the snow! I know your children are enjoying the snow and you have it cozy and warm inside with plenty of yummy treats for all. Hope you and your family have a Great Thanksgiving!!!



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