Monday, May 30, 2011

Tell Me What YOU Think!

 (Don't you just love when you can make your child pose for your blog?)

Well, Dear Readers, I have been mulling over the idea of maturing the layout of my blog for awhile now. When I started blogging a year and a half ago, I was basically computer illiterate.  I started this blog to record some of the different ways I recycle, reuse, and make do. I also wanted a venue to record my projects and self challenges (to keep myself on task, so to speak), and a place to put down my thoughts and personality. It has been a slow work in progress, but a very rewarding one.

I never in a bazillion years, thought I would end up having so many great followers and readers! I consider you all Fabulous Friends, and I ADORE when you all leave comments! Your comments make my day!  So, I am asking for your opinions!!! I want to continue to make this blog a place you want to stop by, visit, and MAYBE glean some useful information. Here are my questions:
  1. Do you like the new layout? Is it to "Red"? Would you prefer something a little more subdued?
  2. What topics, thoughts,recipes, or ideas would you like me to blog about? 
  3. Would you be up to joining me in a frugal challenge or two?
Please, FABULOUS BLOGGY FRIENDS,  share your opinions! Even if you have never commented before, I would love to hear from you!

P.S. I have set a little goal to hit 100+ followers by my birthday (which just happens to be July 7th). If  you enjoy your visits here at Tightwad Mom's Frugal Forum, please consider becoming a Follower (and boost my self esteem a little bit)! Thank you, you are all the best readers any blogger could ask for!


  1. I like the red! It's easy to read the text against it (I hate when I have to strain my eyes1 LOL).

    I think you do a great job all around, but I LOVE your ideas when it comes to "frugalizing" areas of the house besides the kitchen. The whole "soap in a nylon" was genius in action! I'm pretty good at being overall frugal, but I can definitely use more ideas for outside the kitchen.

    100 followers is only something I can drool over! I link your blog on my FB and see if we can't get you some more readers!

  2. @ Kristin - Thanks for your ideas, and from your link up of FB!

  3. the red is cool. i think the idea of frugal challenges would actually motivate me to actually follow in your footsteps more than just reading all your cool ideas and thinking "wow she is so awesome" I'm lazy like that!

  4. I love the red and I love your blog! Congrats on your success, Tina! Keep giving me great ideas.

  5. Like the new look and your mascot is way cute!! He is growing up way too fast!! Love your blog. I am so excited that you are sharing your brilliance. You have so much knowledge and skill it is fun to see what you write!! Keep up the great work!! How would you feel about guest posting on my blog?? Just a thought!!

  6. OK- I tried to post a comment a couple of times now. Perhaps doing it at 2am was the problem! lol. Now I'm awake and at home- 3rd times the charm right?
    I love red although I thought the other colors were more "you". But lets face it, we come for your brilliance not the colors, he hee he

    A couple of ideas...
    Move your followers to the top to draw attention to them.
    You can do blog swaps or like Tiffanee said, guest posts. Consider 2 invites now!
    Set up an RSS feed. I haven't done this but it allows followers from various sources not just bloggers. The link I sent you has the how to's.
    I enjoyed your WNWN challenge. More to come would be great!
    Of course I am still waiting for your secrets on frugal decor. How do you manage to turn DI trash into AH-MAZING!?!?!

    Can I say "I told you so" yet? ;-p

  7. I love the new look! Your blog is one of my daily reads - so many good, frugal ideas, and good recipes, too!

  8. I'm loving all your comments. I can hardly wait to implement them!!! You guys are fabulous!

  9. I have been an unofficial follower for a long time and to help make your Birthday wish come true I just became a Follower. I'm just trying to figure out this Google stuff. You blow me away with your amazingness! I don't know how you do it all! Keep up the great, inspiring work. I love your Blog!



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