Saturday, May 21, 2011

Odds And Ends

I just love a Saturday when I can stay home and get some "odds and ends" done.  Those kind of days seem to be few and far between, lately. Today is also a beautiful spring day: warm and sunny!  I am amazed how a sunny day just changes your whole outlook on life.  My Big Boy (Child #1), roto tilled all my garden spaces for me, so this week I can lay out and plant my garden.

Don't you just love the Rock my Big Boy decorated us for Christmas this year?  Who doesn't need a rock with their last name on it ?
My little seedlings are enjoying an afternoon basking in the sun! Hopefully, next week I'll be able to plant them in the garden.

I could finally start hanging the laundry outside! The last few attempts have ended up with me frantically scrambling to drag the wet clothes inside before they get rained on.  Followed by my hanging them all over the house to dry.  I haven't put up my official clothes line, so I have improvised for the time being. 

Call me crazy, but I LOVE  watching laundry blowing in the breeze!

I also baked  six loaves of bread this morning . We were completely out. The toast lover's were a little put out this morning! This week I baked Buttermilk Potato Bread and Honey Whole Wheat bread.

I can hear the lawn mower running,  Dear Hubby is deep cleaning our garage (a.k.a. taking a couple loads of garbage to the local land fill. It is free Dump Day at the landfill today), and the baby (Child #4) is creating a "squirrel trap" to go and catch squirrels in the neighborhood park with his buddies. I didn't have the heart to tell him that a squirrel is probably not going to go sit under a card board box propped up with a stick, and eat stale cashews, so you can pull the rope and drop the box on him. Besides, what do you do with an angry squirrel after you catch him?

Is it just me, or is life EXTRA FABULOUS today?  I you are all enjoying a beautiful spring day, as well!


  1. Yes, I would have to agree. Totally fabulous. Glad you are having a good one! Your plants look lovely. What a project to start them indoors!
    PS...Your bread looks fabulous. I would love to have a copy of your Buttermilk Potato Bread recipe. Is it here on your site?

  2. @ Jamie - It's not on my site...yet! I kind of put several recipes together. I'll post it as soon as my "taste testers" give it a thumbs up!

  3. A fabulous day, indeed! (Bread looks yum...!)



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