Sunday, April 3, 2011

This Week's Menu 4/3

 ( I don't have a picture of produce this week, so here's a picture of Child #3 with the "Big One" he caught last year)

Wow! This week flew bye! I am proud to report that Child #3 placed in the top 30 students out of  100 in the State Geography Bee on Friday! We are very proud of him!! Maybe I'll  have a Harvard graduate someday, after all.

Well, last week was a strange sort of week. My Dear Neighbor and I were not able to get our weekly Bountiful Baskets (do to a glitch on the website Monday), I haven't really done any grocery shopping, and then we left town. Basically this week will be a scrape by kind of week; using up odds and ends, and making due till we get our baskets on Saturday (and a trip to the grocery store). This week we will be eating:

Baked Ham (dug out of the freezer)
Apple Crisp


Breakfast Casserole (with ham in it, of course)
Grapefruit Halves (or orange slices for the grapefruit haters)

Navajo Tacos (Chili from the freezer)
Lettuce, Tomato, and Cheese

(crock pot meal for family because I'm teaching a gardening class at my Church tonight)
Ham and Bean soup (using ham bone)

(Child #3's Birthday, so he picked the menu...definitely not  healthy)
French Toast (made with Oatmeal Cinnamon Bread)
Home Canned Pears
Orange Juice
Banana Cream Pie

Grilled Hamburgers
Veggies and Ranch Dip

As you can see from all the links in my menu that I am sticking to tried and true recipes this week! Sometimes old favorites are the best! What's your favorite tried and true recipes, Bloggy Friends (I'm always on the look out for yummy new recipes to try!)?


  1. OH, congratulations on your son's accomplishments! That is so exciting!!!

  2. Congrats again!! This week I am looking to you for inspiration!! Great menu as always!!

  3. well done, #3!! wow! The grandgirls will be with us every day this week, so we'll be serving anything I think they will eat...mostly just anything that can be dipped in ketchup! (fish today) hopefully they will let me sneak some fruits/veggies into them along the way.

  4. Both handsome specimens -- the boy and the fish! And congrats on the State Geography Bee!



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