Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This Week's Menu 4/26: The "Ham"ilicious Edition

As I posted yesterday, I have been lacks in planning a formal menu this month! I didn't realize how much I had become to rely on my weekly menu. I am very sorry to confess, that I have tossed to many leftovers in the trash for my liking, and I have eaten way to many pancake and ramen noodle dinners!! Both scenarios are on the thumbs down list, in my book. So Saturday, I  sat down for a few minutes and put a culinary game plan together. Of course, Easter = Ham, so ham related entrees will be prominent this week. This week we will be eating:

Spiral Cut Ham
Cheesy Potatoes
Raspberry Jello with Mangoes
Strawberry Shortcake

Leftovers from Sunday Dinner
Steamed Broccoli

Leftover Rolls
Orange Slices

Ham and Beans
Green Salad

Skillet Ham and Pasta (Thank you One Crazy Cookie)
Asparagus ( I swapped my Dear Sweet Friend sweet potatoes for asparagus out of our Bountiful Baskets)

Breakfast Burritos
Honey Dew Melon

Grilled Hamburgers
Veggies and Dip


  1. As always, I want to come and eat at your house! I wish we were neighbors.

    Denise @ The Single Saver / Budget Confidential

  2. My mom used to make us ham and beans with cornbread. Yum! I just made my first bowl of potato salad of the year a few days ago to have with BBQ steaks. Tasted like summer. =D

  3. love it when you post your menus because I always get ideas of what to make around here. I think today might be a good day to make some potato salad--second of the season for us, but we shared much of the first batch. I agree with jayay, potato salad tastes like summer!



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