Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sour Cream Substitute

I took advantage of the fabulous cottage cheese sale at Smith's about six weeks ago (it was $.88 a 16 oz. container) and bought 8 containers. Usually my family devours it and I can't keep it in the house. So, no worries. Well, when I cleaned the fridge out last week I found four cartons that had been kicked to the back of the fridge. Crud! It is at it's expiration date. Usually, I treat expiration dates as a suggestion, but we are pushing our luck now. To use it up I have gotten creative, and started using it in place of sour cream in recipes. I substituted a cup of it in The Sour Cream Blueberry Muffin recipe I got off the Idea Room. Delicious muffins, by the way! I pureed another cup and mixed it in with the sour cream for Chicken Enchiladas for dinner Tuesday. Today, I threw a carton in the food processor with two tablespoons of milk and a package of ranch dip mix. My family liked it better than when I use sour cream (and it's healthier, too). Tomorrow, I am using the last of it in baked pasta (basically my lasagna recipe, but I cook macaroni and use it in place of lasagna noodles).

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  1. Great ideas. We just used the rest of ours up with lasagna. Ty LOVED it. Haven't made lasagna for a while.



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