Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tightwad Mom's Frugal Book Pick Of The Month

This month I thought I would spotlight "Family Feast For $75.00 A Week" by Mary Ostyn. As I have already admitted, I am a sucker for a good cook book. When I can find one that has great frugal recipes, and money saving ideas, it's like I've died an gone to heaven. I loved this book for several reasons:
1. I'm always trying to shave a few extra dollars off the family food budget.
2. I love getting someone else's ideas on creatively tweaking my grocery shopping game plan.
3. The author is the mother of ten so I know she has had real world experience with balancing the grocery budget!

Mary Ostyn's book is a step by step plan for shopping wisely and trimming your grocery budget. The book is great for beginners, but even as a seasoned veteran I gleaned several useful tactics.
She includes handy guides for pantry staples, seasonal produce, the life span of produce, cooking legumes, and organic vs. regular produce. She explains the merits of shopping in a variety of stores, and what deals can be found in each one. She also highlights coupon shopping, bulk buying, and sales tactics. I found her ideas for breakfast and lunch very helpful.

The majority of the book is a collections of her tried and true budget friendly recipes. She includes some ethnic recipes that sounds delicious. Mrs. Ostyn also includes numerous make your own mix recipes, which I love. Now you can have convenience and a stay within your grocery budget! I have tried several of her recipes with great results. I give this book four star! Check out your local library to check out a copy soon. It is well worth it!

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