Friday, April 29, 2011

Baking Day

Well, I should have been scrubbing toilets and catching up laundry today. That was the plan anyway, but we ran out of bread this morning. Bread is a necessary evil at our house, so I decided to make a batch of bread. Which, of course, always leads me down the path of a baking free for all (BONUS:  I watched the highlights of the Royal Wedding on the kitchen television while I baked)!

I did bake bread:

In fact, I doubled the recipe for Potato Bread, and turned a fourth of the dough into buns for tomorrow's dinner. Hopefully, it will warm up enough here, so I don't freeze to death while I'm grilling hamburgers and hot dogs.

 I just happened to have a few frozen blueberries in the freezer that needed to be used. Blueberry Sour Cream Muffins seemed like the perfect recipe.

 Lastly, I have been trying to tackling my baking Nemesis', lately. I can bake and cook many culinary creations, but certain things still kick my posterior! From scratch brownies would be one. Since, I am avoiding box mixes in favor of their from scratch counterparts, and brownies are a FAVORITE, I bit the bullet and had another go. This time I was actually successful (see it IS good to face your fears)!

The recipe came out of a cookbook I got as a bridal shower gift (21 years ago). This cookbook has served me well. So well, in fact, that many of the pages are covered in greasy spots and are falling out.  Darling Daughter has informed that she will be inheriting it when I pass on. I did find the recipe I used on the BH&G website. You can find it HERE.

I think baking day was successful, but now I need to go finish cleaning up the mess that I made (and maybe consider scrubbing those toilets). If only cleaning up was as fun as making the mess!


  1. Really?!?! You struggle with BROWNIES?!?! LOL Oh how I wish we could trade challenges. I'll give you my brownie making talent if you'll give me your "all things bread" talent. Deal?

  2. Tightwad Mom, I wish I spend a day baking with you....well, smelling the bread bake and sampling the brownie dough! You are awesome!

  3. Trish - Deal!!!!
    Lottie - You are welcome in my kitchen anytime. In fact, I'll bring the goodies if we can eat them in your beautiful backyard!

  4. Oh my, you sure did bake up a storm yesterday! It all looks so delicious!

  5. Every time I see your pictures of fresh baked goodness, I swear I can smell the aroma coming right out of my laptop. This is when we need smell-a-vision! =D



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