Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Autumn!

I really have nothing profound, frugal, or earth shattering to share today! It's just a beautiful Fall day in my neck of the woods, and it's making me feel all happy inside!  I love, love, LOVE Autumn. It is my favorite season. The temperatures cool down, but it is still warm enough to just wear a sweater during the day. I can finally put my fuzzy fleece blanket under the quilt on my bed. Here is what I love about Autumn:
  • Pumpkins. Piled in the field, sitting on my porch, at the grocery store. I just love their fun shapes and vibrant color.
  • The leaves change color. I like to ramble around the walking trail at my local park on my lunch hour and admire the jewel toned foliage of  the trees.
  • Baking. I justify it by telling myself that turning on the oven will help warm up the house!
  • Hot chocolate with a Hershey kiss stirred in it when I am feeling chilly.
  • Apple and pumpkin recipes! Enough said!
  • Pumpkin pie milkshakes from Artic Circle (they serve Mom and Pop style food). They make them the old fashioned way. Ice cream, a big scoop of pumpkin puree, and pumpkin pie spice all whipped up together with big scoop of whipped cream on top! I'd eat one every day (but I wouldn't fit into my pants for very long)!
  • Cool crisp air.
  • Wearing my fuzzy slippers around the house, because my feet are feeling a little chilly.
  • Putting my cold feet on Dear Hubby's legs at night to warm them up. Dear Hubby does NOT appreciate this(but it is kind of fun, anyway)! 


  1. Your list is absolutely perfect. I can smell Autumn from your descriptions. I want to sit in your kitchen and visit while you bake -- and have a cup of that wonderful hot chocolate!!!

  2. Pumpkin bread and pumpkin muffins are my fave! Do you grow your own pumpkins or buy them and if you buy them, where and for how much? I was surprised how expensive they were at most places ($5- $10) and ultimately bought one at Aldi for $3.89. I would much rather have PILES of pumpkins instead of just one, but the price would be prohibitive.

  3. Ms. Oomph,

    I have grown my own pumpkins in the past, but this year I found a great deal at my local Associated Foods store. They were $.09 a pound. My kids carved them for Jack o'Laterns Thursday night, and I will use glow sticks to light them up for Halloween(so there isn't wax and smoke inside the pumpkins). Tomorrow the uncarved part gets chopped up,roasted, pureed, and frozen to be used in all sorts of delicious pumpkin recipes. I did grow butternut squash in my garden this year, which I will roast, puree, and freeze, too. I use it interchangeably for pumpkins in any pumpkin recipe. You can't tell the difference! Butternut, banana,and hubbard squash can be trellised in my garden, which makes them much more manageable to grow than pumpkins.

  4. Jayaycee,

    You know you would be welcome in my kitchen anytime! I'll put the kettle on (and bake a batch of pumpkin cookies, too!).



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