Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Few Grocery Shopping Tips and Ridley's and BiLo's (Associated Food) Deals 10/26 - 11/1 and

A lot of you probably wonder why I post my local Associated Food stores sales deals each week. I do it for a couple of reasons.
  1. I use it to create my grocery list for the week as I map out my errand run. I try to group my errands according to geographic area, to save on time and gas (Ridley's is several blocks from our local library, so I always stop there on my way home from my weekly library visit).
  2. It gives my local blog readers (and those with an Associated Food store in their area) an idea of the weekly sales items that are a great deal. Ridley's and Nel's BiLo do not put their weekly grocery ads in our newspaper (which keeps costs down for them, but is inconvenient for shoppers).
I learned along time ago that in order to save the most money on my grocery bill, it is a good idea to shop several places. I take advantage of the grocery ads in my local newspaper to stock up on the things I use regularly. I usually only buy the sales items (paired with a coupon, if possible) at those stores, because regularly priced items are more expensive. For my regularly grocery shopping I go to my local Winco Foods store. It is a step above an Aldi's (which I wish I had in my area). Winco has very few frills, a scaled back deli and bakery area (which is okay because I rarely buy those items anyway), and you bag your own groceries. The prices are the lowest in town (they are usually lower than Walmart).

Here are this week deals at Ridley's and Nel's BiLo. It looks like there are some really great produce deals this week! Check them out:
  • Pepsi products (12 pack (12 oz) cans or 6(20oz) bottles) 4 for $5.00
  • W.F. (5 quart) ice cream buckets $4.88 each
  • Old Orchard frozen juice concentrate (12oz) $.85 each
  • Crisco shortening (butter flavor or regular) $3.88 each
  • Gold n Plump chicken (20 - 24 oz. package thighs, legs, or bone in breasts) $.95 each
  • Boneless pork country style spareribs $1.59 pound
  • Frozen turkeys $.89 pound
  • Fresh spinach $.69 a bunch
  • Butternut, Acorn, or Spaghetti squash $.59 pound
On Friday and Saturday Ridley's is having another 2 day produce sale. These items will be on sale:
  • Dole salad (12oz bag)  $.87 each
  • Fuji apples $.57 pound
  • Cucumbers 5 for $1.00
  • Roma tomatoes $.57 pound
  • Medium sized yams 3 for $1.00
  • Radishes or green onions 4 bunches for $1.00


  1. You go, girl! Great job on figuring out the best way to save money on groceries. I bow down to your smarts and thriftiness. They were roasting acorn squash on Martha Stewart this week and now I want to try some.

  2. Jayaycee,
    Acorn squash is my favorite.I love it steamed,but roasted is the best!



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