Thursday, March 18, 2010

Waste Not Want Not Challenge!

Yesterday I watched a dumpster diving video, and I have to say I was appalled. Let me clarify a little bit, I was not appalled at the actual dumpster diving (I have been known to pull a few things out of a dumpster myself), but by the massive amounts of good food that had been thrown away. Every thing that was pulled out of that dumpster could have fed many hungry families. According to the gals on the video the main diver had not paid for groceries for six months, and had basically lived off of what she had salvaged out of the garbage. This video has bothered me ever since I watched it. When did America become such a wasteful society? If my Great Grandmother would have seen this video clip she would be rolling over in her grave! It isn't just wasting food; it's all the other things that American's throw away when they are done with them. We have become a disposable society, for sure. Our wastefulness is a pock on our environment, our pocketbooks ( no wonder we are in the middle of the recession), and our souls.

I am getting off my high horse now, but it has really made me take personal inventory. I consider myself a Frugalista (or a Tightwad Nazi, in the words of my family), but I have realized I have become some what lacks in my frugality since my darling hubby blew his kneecap a couple of months ago. In my defense, he was totally incapacitated for six weeks and dependent on me for EVERYTHING ( I may be in therapy for years over that). Convenience became my friend. I did become somewhat wasteful (my over flowing garbage can is testament to that), but NO MORE!

I have issued myself a personal challenge. For the next 30 days I am going to make a gargantuan effort to "USE IT UP! WEAR IT OUT! MAKE DO, OR DO WITHOUT! I am going to find ways to recycle, repair, or re purpose food, garbage, clothing, and household items to extend they're usefulness. After all, former generations of women have used all sort of ingenious methods to raise respectable families on next to nothing. I have the utmost respect for those generations (I'm tearing up a little bit as I type this part). I would not be who I am without them. Therefore, WASTEFUL will not be in my vocabulary! I am going to make my Great Grandma proud! So, for the next month I will be posting some of my Ah! Ha! moments. If you would all care to join me I would LOVE to hear your savvy ideas, and frugal information. FRUGALISTAS UNITE! LET THRIFTINESS RULE!


  1. Ok! You are the Queen of that!! There will be no problems for you following your guidelines. Hope Andy is doing better. We kept him in our prayers. Sounds like maybe I should add you to the list!! HA HA!!

  2. This post has had an effect on me. We sometimes have dinner fixed ahead and in the fridge, but we go out to dinner anyway just because we have had a stressful day. Won't do that anymore. As I cleaned out my refrigerator today, I put everything I was going to throw away in a mixing bowl. It was completely full! I was ashamed. So thank you for this post. New motto is Eat What We Have First.

  3. Great idea, Tina! We are definitely way too wasteful!

    I want to watch your dumpster diving video! Sounds....interesting:)



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