Monday, March 1, 2010

Grocery Deals Week #4

This week I took advantage of Albertson's doubler coupons. At Ridley's I stocked up on refried beans ( a staple at our house) and seasoning mixes on their weekly case lot special. I also took advantage of some great produce specials. Finally, (drum roll, please) I found a source for cheap Harper's Homemade Bread (yes, I am a bread snob). The Tee Box (a convenience store located across from the Riverside golf course) is now the outlet store for for Harper's day old bread.


1 box of Post Shredded Wheat on sale for $2.99; used $2/1 coupon, final price $.99
1 tub of B.C. frosting on sale for $1.50; used coupon for $.50/1 with a doubler $1/1, final price $.50
1 2 lb. bag of shredded cheese on sale for $7.49; used store coupon for $3.50 off making it $3.99, used $4.00 catalina, final price FREE
1 Snuggle fabric softener (50 loads) on sale for $3.99; used coupon for $.75/1 with doubler $1.50/1, final price $2.49
2 Purex laundry detergents (32 load) on sale for $3.99, used coupon for BUY ONE GET ONE FREE, final price $3.99 for two ($1.99 each)

Beginning total (before tax): $23.95
Total spent(total tax): $7.96
Total Savings: $15.99


1 case (24 cans) W.F. refried beans for $15.36 ($.64 a can)
1 case (24 packages) W.F. taco seasoning for $6.96 ($.29 a package)
1 case (24 packages) W.F. country gravy for $6.96 ($.29 a package)
2 cans of W.F. butter flavored shortening for $2.99 each
2 gallons of milk for $3.58 ($1.79 each)
2.43 pounds of bananas for $1.19 ($.49 a pound)
3.83 pounds of Braeburn apples for $2.26 ($.59 a pound)
1 (10 oz) bag of Dole salad for $.98

Beginning total (before tax): $43.28
Total spent (before tax): $43.28

Tee Box (outet for Harper's day old bread):

4 loaves of Harper's Bran Bread for $3.96 ($.98 each)
4 loaves of Harper's White Bread for $3.96 ($.98 each)

Beginning total: $7.92
Total spent: $7.92

Beginning total for week #4: $75.15
Total spent for week #4: $59.16
Total savings for week #4: $15.99


Beginning total for February: $422.14
Total spent for February: $309.45
Total savings for February:$112.69

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