Saturday, March 20, 2010

Waste Not Want Not Challenge Day Five

As I sit here eating leftover chicken broccoli casserole (I promised the kids if they would clean up the leftovers for lunch we would make homemade pizza for dinner) with the crushed potato chips from the bottom of the bag on top (no one else has volunteered to eat them) I thought I would update everyone on how the WNWN (Waste Not Want Not) challenge is going. I am on day 5 now. So far, I have used empty deli containers for green houses, we have eaten most of the leftovers out of the fridge (there is a little bit of stew and cabbage leftover from St. Patrick's Day that I will turn into pot pie for Sunday dinner), I just finished mashing up the last six black bananas (the bane of my existences) to make a big batch of Banana Bread or Banana Cake ( the third child has been angling for this option). Here's the best part, I repaired the blind in my living room.

I have three floor to ceiling windows in my living room. They are wonderful for letting in the light, but are crummy when it comes to decorating options. Anything I wanted to do with them was spendy, so when I painted the living room two years ago I saved up my spending (yes I give myself an allowance every payday) and birthday money and bought wood blinds. I love how they look! You can imagine my despair, when eight weeks ago the middle blind refused to open anymore! The next day my darling hubby pirouetted on the ice and broke his knee cap; needless to say he became priority #1, and not my blind dilemma. So, everyday since then, when I open my blinds I have cursed the broken one. I was ready to throw caution to the wind and buy new ones; until my WNWN challenge began. Yesterday, I took the broken blind down and gave it a good looking over. The problem appeared to be that the cord had slipped from the plastic pulley and had crossed over itself, locking it in place. Grabbing my trusty tweezers and a small flat head screw driver, I replaced the cording back on the pulley. Miracle, they open and close, again! I am so glad I took the 15 minutes to repair the problem, instead of spending $XXXXX on a new one!

I'm feeling pretty good about what I have accomplished so far. The big green garbage can was definitely much emptier on garbage day this week.


  1. That was smart to figure out what was wrong with the blind and fix it! In my Eat What We Have First challenge, I started to drive to the store to buy some Cool Whip for a recipe this afternoon. Then I asked myself what we could eat for dessert that we already had. I was thinking about baking some apples. But I looked around in the freezer and found a frozen pumpkin pie that I bought 50% off after Christmas. The pie was frozen and the expiration date had not passed. I cooked it this afternoon and everyone loves the way the house smells! Thanks for the WNWN challange!

  2. I am going to have to cook banana something too. Maybe some cookies tomorrow for lunches this week as well! I am purging (sort of) this week so I don't know how well I will do with your WNWN challenge but I defiantly think twice before tossing things!



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