Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrift Store Fabulous!

One of this year's resolutions is to live by the motto "Use It Up. Wear It Out. Make Do, Or Do Without!". I have been doing fairly well, and have been avoiding shopping (other than for groceries) in general. However, there has been recent growth spurts by several individuals in our household. Child #3 has grown taller. Child #4 has grown taller and broader (he is a big boned lad and so growth for him usually goes up and out!). Child #4 can wear Child #3's hand me downs, which is a blessing. I am sorry to say that I have not grown taller, but my pants have become unusually tight and uncomfortable ( I am chalking this up to a general lack of self control where sweets have been concerned, over the last several months). I could probably struggle through with my tight pants, but I am down to two pairs and both are getting very thread bare ( if the fabric gets much thinner; you'll be able to read the size label on my underwear. Something a well bred woman should NEVER divulge!). A trip to my local Goodwill seemed in order. I have been hitting the thrift stores in my area for several weeks, but really haven't found a whole lot of fabulous (last week I did find a pair of church shoes and two pairs of jeans for Child #3 for a grand total of $9.54). Yesterday, I hit pay dirt. All of  these treasures came from Goodwill. For my boy's I found:

Two pairs of shorts for Child #4, a pair of Levi's for Child #3, and a pair of shorts for Child #1. They are even plaid which makes them even cooler ( all of these where $3.99 a piece).

Of course, back packs at my house get used and abused. New back packs were not in the Back To School budget this year, and everybody has been making do with last years (or even the year before that). Some of them are starting to sub-come to their constant use. Child #2 has been safety pinning hers together.  I was able to score two today (the green one was $7.99 and the blue one was $6.99, but it was a YELLOW tag, which means it was half off this week. It ended up being $3.49). The fabulous fuzzy leopard print hat is for Child #2, who has a fondness for fuzzy and leopard print. It was $4.99, but now maybe she'll actually wear a warm hat to school for a change! The DVD was $3.00, not necessary, but it is the original version of "Belles On Their Toes", a book and movie that I love. Apparently I caved to want instead of need. The book is "The Egg and I" (copyright 1945) which is a book I love and have been looking for, for awhile (and it is a YELLOW tag item and cost $.99).

This is my favorite find today! I have been looking for a dress coat for several months now. I am getting tired of schlepping  to Church every Sunday in my  bright kelly green everyday coat (which I have to leave in the car before I go in, because a well bred woman does NOT  wear a shiny, bright kelly green, puffy coat into the Lord's house! Plus, it clashes with all of my Sunday wear.). A new dress coat is quite out of my price range, and the thrift store has not presented an acceptable alternative........until today. This fabulous coat is dark green and black herringbone, is wool,  and is a Worthington brand (very good quality). The tag had $17.99 printed on it, which I would have paid, but it was a YELLOW tag!!! Woo Hoo, baby! I only paid $8.99!! It is dry clean only, but no worries I have a Dryel cloth and a dryer, so dry cleaning isn't a worry.

For myself,  I found two pairs of  like new jeans ($5.99 a piece).  I am of the mindset that if you find a pair of jeans that fits, you wear them until they completely fall apart. Both of these fit well, so until I shed the extra fifteen pounds of chocolate cupcakes off of my posterior; they will work brilliantly! The stretchy skirt was $5.99. In my opinion, you can never have too many stretchy skirts ( they will fit you plus or minus fifteen extra pounds). This skirt will look nice with dress boots and a black sweater during the winter, and just as fabulous this summer with a black t shirt and flip flops.

I spent a grand total of $68.26 ( $77.80 with last week's thrift store purchases) . That did make a dent in my clothing budget, this month, but considering the coat alone would have cost more than that, and I clothed three almost naked (just kidding) people. Not too shabby! I am amazed at how many new and nearly new clothing items you can find at thrift stores. You do have to look for them. Believe me, I have seen my share of Size 20 mini skirts,  polyester pants, and well stained shirts; but obviously there are treasures to be found. The fashion police have yet to knock on my door, so I consider us somewhat fashionable in our second hand wear!


  1. SCORE! What great finds. It's kind of a fun treasure hunt to troll through the racks and tables at the Goodwill. Ya done good, girlfriend! Beautiful coat!!!

  2. wow, you hit the mother lode!! well done, TWM!

  3. You got some great deals! I are exactly find good deals at the thrift store you have to root through a lot of size 20 mini skirts and polyester pants!

  4. Wow! You did GREAT!

    I have been stopping at Goodwill more frequently these days because I'm trying to find things I can wear in Japan while I'm there. So far though I haven't found anything. But we're not going until May, so hopefully between now and then I'll hit paydirt as well!

  5. Great buys, especially the coat! You've really inspired me .... guess where I'm going shopping tomorrow! :-)

  6. Great work! I LOVE secondhand shopping!

  7. Love that coat! You did have a good day!! So did you get a "shoppers high"?? I sure would of. I love that feeling and your did amazing!

  8. Love that coat!

    PS...found a great stretchy skirt yesterday. Oh, but the wonders of a stretchy skirt....

    PPS...Have I mentioned how much I love all of your comments. They always put a smile on my face. You are a hoot!

  9. Hello! Came over by way of Mrs. Oomph and loved your site! I am your newest follower.
    Hope you'll stop by for a visit.

    Love, love, love....Big.Puffy.Heart.Love that coat. Elegant and sophisticated without breaking the bank. What a coup to your wardrobe.

    You scored big time and must have had the thrifting angels looking out for you.

    Have a blessed weekend~



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