Saturday, February 5, 2011

Grocery Spending And This Week's Menu 2/6

This month I thought I would post pictures from my weekly grocery shopping trips, as well as, my weekly menu. Unfortunately, I have been scrimping along  for several months now, so it was time to stock up on some essential items. Yesterday's shopping trip also included extra food I don't normally buy, because Dear Hubby's brother's family has invited us to his house for a Super Bowl Party.

This is what I bought at Ridley's and Smith's on their sales. I combined coupons this sales for the crackers, canned tomatoes, cheese, toothpaste, and cream cheese (the cream cheese was $.50 each after coupons). The potato chips, some of the crackers, and two of the sour creams will be taken to the Super Bowl Party. I also bought the 5 twelve packs of Diet Coke from the previous post and  2 twenty packs of Diet Pepsi and a Shrimp Ring (all of which aren't pictured). I spent $32.41 at Smith's and $69.54 at Ridley's:

Of course, I picked up our weekly basket from Bountiful Basket (my half of the weekly contribution is $8.25):

At Winco (the cheapest grocery store in my area) I spent $109.07. I love that Winco has a fabulous bulk foods section. It makes it nice when I have to restock pantry staples.

The budget breaker this week was my trip to Costco to stock up on staples. We ran out of toilet paper, fabric softener, and garbage bags at the same time. I usually try to keep a back stock of these items and stagger what I buy each month so I don't have this problem. Oops!! I spent $105.36 at Costco.

I spent a Grand Total of $324.63 this week. That is also the lion's share of my grocery budget for this month. Luckily I have  restocked the larder, and other than milk and my weekly Bountiful Basket contribution I shouldn't have to buy many more groceries.

This week's menu includes a lot of family favorites, again. That's okay, at least I know everyone will eat dinner!

Super Bowl Party (I am bringing a shrimp ring, veggie tray, and chips, crackers and dip)

Shrimp Lo Mein
Green Salad
Leftover Rolls

Eating at Child #4's Cub Scout Banquet

Beans, Bacon, and Red Potatoes
Banana Muffins (I should have some black bananas that need used up)
Jello Salad with Fruit

Turkey Fricasee
Mashed Potatoes
Steamed Carrots

Cream of Garbage Soup
Spinach Salad


I hope everybody enjoys their Super Bowl Sunday. I personally am not a football fan,but I sure do enjoy the commercials.........and the yummy party food!


  1. You did amazing. I always hate the stock up weeks, but it is a must. Love the family favorites, I just made some new things and all the feedback I get is.."it's allright". I wish I could eat at your house this week.

  2. Wow, you did do some shopping this week! That's a lot of work!!! We had the Super Bowl on - or I should say Hubby was watching it while I was in the kitchen making chili. He would shout "Commercial" and I would pop into the family room to just watch the ads. Then I'd go back to the kitchen when the game came on again. The perfect system!

  3. Your shopping trips look great as does your menu. :)

  4. I'm curious about the cream of garbage soup. Is that what you really call it or are you trying to see if your readers actually read your menu? Please post more.

  5. I have never seen a menu of yours that I don't like. You should write a cookbook! Maybe you could make it an e-book and earn a little money in the process!



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