Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sometimes it takes a couple of really great friends to kidnap you, and make you take a night off!

Sometimes they just need to make you stop loading the dishwasher........and yelling at the kids..... and whisk you away from everyday monotony.

Sometimes you just need to break into your secret stash of cash that you've been saving for a rainy day to pay for the movie ticket (at the second run theater).

Sometimes you just need to sit in a dark theater with your buddies.....and sip Diet Coke........and eat movie theater popcorn....... and laugh........and laugh.........LAUGH!

Sometimes that is all it takes to make you realize that life is wonderful, again..............and that you are REALLY LOVED!!!!!!


  1. Just reading your post has lightened my spirit. Thanks!

  2. love these "random thoughts." so true

  3. Wish there was a "like" button for this post!

  4. Absolutely! Feel free to invite me next time!

  5. Your buddies are awesome and I'm so glad you got to get out for a wonderful treat. I love going to the movies but we don't do it very often anymore either. That moment just as the lights go down in the theater and the music gets louder, I get such a thrill and always grin like an idiot. Just so glad to be there. =D



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