Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Recap of 2010 And Some Goals For 2011

It's probably a little late to be posting New Year's goals, but it is still the FIRST week of January; so I'm going for it! When I started this blog last year, I basically did it to have a place to store all the useless bits of information I have accumulated through the years. Along the way I hoped it would help somebody else, too. I am eternally grateful to my Sister In Law for pushing me to do it. This blog has really helped me keep focused on maintaining a frugal lifestyle, despite a year on of financial instability. We bought out my husband's business partner in the Spring of 2009. Shortly after that the economic downturn hit our local economy hard. My husband livelihood  relies on people having crown and bridge work done; something people do not do if they are struggling to survive. His business has seen a 30% drop in production. So, 2010 has provided the stress of  keeping a business(and our employees) afloat, as well as, a myriad of unexpected, and expensive surprises. Here's a recap of  last year, in twelve short month's:

  • Dear Hubby slipped on the ice and shattered his knee cap.Required surgery and  recuperation time.
  • Dear Hubby starts Physical Therapy
  • My oldest two children are in a car accident (It was Child #1's fault. DO NOT text and drive). Totaling Child #1's car and sending his sister to the hospital.
  • Plumber comes to repair a split pipe that is flooding the basement (Note to self - learn plumbing repair!)
  • The fuel pump goes out on our Suburban (that's what you get when you drive a 14 year old car, but it's paid for!)
  • Continued Physical Therapy for Dear Hubby
  • Shower pipe splits in the wall requiring another repair (Bless our sweet Neighbor that came to our rescue and fixed it).

  • More Physical Therapy
  • Washing Machine decides to blow a sensor ( I have an HE front load machine)
  • Child #1 decides to jump over a pile of rocks while playing paint ball with his friends. Pile of rocks was actually a small cliff, and  pressure fractures his arm.
  • Nothing....Hallelujah!
  • Hubby's truck needs repair work (also older, but paid for!)
  • Help Child #2 purchase a new vehicle so he has transportation to and from work.
  • Our School District implemented an increase in school fees to offset budget cuts. The increased fees also coincide with two children attending High School ( Child #1 is a Senior).
September - November:
  • Lull before the storm (a.k.a. Christmas)
  • Christmas (enough said)
  • Three Children's birthdays over a six week period
  • Child #2's gall bladder goes wonky the week before Christmas and requires immediate removal.
I'm really not hosting a pity party right now, I promise! Despite our share of bad things A LOT of good things also happened. We are lucky to have a FABULOUS circle of friends and family that came to our rescue more than once. We were alsoable to pay for the Lion's share of our expensive with money from our savings, but as the year wore on our savings was depleted and we did incur some debt. We are going to have to make payments for our daughter's medical bills (We are self employed, so we have an  high deductible that has to be met.). Frugality  has always been a lifestyle for me. I naturally hate to squander what my Dear Hubby and I work so hard to earn. In 2011 frugality is going to be what keeps us alive, and gets us back on track. We really need to pay our debt down quickly, because we have some preplanned financial obligations that we will need to meet at the end of this year.  After some brain storming I have set the following goals to help us get back on top financially.
  1. I am going to REALLY  live by the addage, " USE IT UP, WEAR IT OUT, MAKE DO, OR DO WITHOUT". 
  2. Purchases will only be made for necessary items.  I have been asking myself  "Do I NEED it, or do I WANT it. This really is an effective tool to eliminate overspending.
  3. I am not going to make any new purchases for house hold items (With the exception of a possible new fridge. Ours is 26+ years old and its on it's very last leg. Hopefully, when the time comes I can find a used one to fit the bill). I will be making do with what I already have.
  4. Any extra money will go toward paying off debt.
  5. I will be continuing to contribute to our saving accounts out of each paycheck to rebuild or savings.
  6. I am going to try keeping the grocery budget to $75.00 - $100.00 a week. That includes non grocery items, eating out, and my weekly contribution to Bountiful Baskets. I will be cooking and baking more from scratch, and relying heavily on bulk pantry staples and all the garden produce I canned and froze last year.
  7. Here's the hardest, but most important thing I want to accomplish this year. I want to keep a POSITIVE ATTITUDE about  living on a shoe string budget.
Of course, I will be continuing to post all about my FRUGAL JOURNEY  right here! You have all become my frugal conscience, so to speak! Committing goals to print (or cyberspace) will help me to stay focused! Thank you, DEAR READERS, for being my support team...........YOU ARE FABULOUS!


  1. I'm behind you all the way! I hope it's a great year for you!

  2. Your positive attitude will be the real key! We had to replace our refrigerator, washer and dryer in the last year and found the Sears Scratch & Dent Store to be a tremendous help. Brand new appliances for hundreds of dollars off. Also, your fridge being so old (as ours was) means it is not energy efficient so by getting an updated one, you'll be saving there as well. Boy, you guys had a heck of a year!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, I am so glad the year is behind you! With an attitude like yours though, you can do anything!

  4. yikes, what a yr! But you're off to a good start in 2011, and since this is my spend less, save more year, I'll be with you all the way. Love finding frugal comrades that keep me focused. Hopefully this time next yr I'll be reading your list of 2011 positives that enriched your family!

  5. Wow, you have had a tough year. A positive attitude makes all the difference. I am striving to live on even less this year too. I am really going to try to live by your #1 and #2! You are a true inspiration to me...keep the great savings ideas coming!!

  6. I really enjoy reading your blog with all the ideas for living a frugal life! You and your family have had a rough year, but 2011 will be much better. You are an inspiration to me! Can't wait to read the great ideas coming up!

  7. Oh my goodness - I KNOW you were glad to see the end of 2010! What a year you had.

    Here's to a wonderful, productive and prosperous 2011! I am looking forward to reading about your year.

    I hope your husband's knee is doing OK - I slipped and shattered kneecap back in 1999, so I know what he went through with all the PT and beyond.

  8. Hello,
    Just wanted to let you know that I have awarded you with an award because I love your blog. Please stop by and check it out.

    Thanks and God Bless

  9. Your year sounds like how ours started out this year (with the exception of the car accident, hope your daughter is okay!)
    I'm looking forward to following your frugal successes this year! Your positive attitude is contagious! :)!



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