Saturday, January 15, 2011

Makeshift Dishsoap Container

 I like to buy dish soap at Costco. If you watch their monthly coupon book that they send to their members, you can usually get a large container of dish soap for around $5.00. A 90 ounce bottle of dish soap will last our family about three months. The only down side is that an extremely large bottle of dish soap does not sit daintily on the edge of the sink, and it's kind of heavy to be constantly dragging up from under the sink. I usually have a  recycled hand soap dispenser filled with dish soap sitting by my sink, but the pump of the dispenser finally broke tonight. I didn't have a spare soap dispenser handy, and I didn't want to go buy a new one. I started looking around the kitchen for an alternative, and notice an empty one liter Diet Coke bottle sitting next to the dish drainer. Don't worry I do not regularly down a one liter bottle of Diet Coke everyday (some days I want to.........but I don't). When Darling Daughter was in the hospital last month a very good friend brought me a care package to get me through in my time of need, and it included the one liter bottle of my beverage of choice. After fiddling around with the screw off pop up lid of the dish soap bottle, I noticed that it would screw down nicely onto the Diet Coke bottle. The light bulb went on! I filled the soda bottle up with dish soap, took the label off the bottle, and screwed the pop up lid onto my new dish soap dispenser. It's just the right size to sit on the edge of the sink, but the best part is that is was FREE! I just turned potential trash into a treasure (or at least a useful solution to a little problem)! YEAH ME!!!


  1. That's very smart! I never thought about trying on a new lid. Great idea!

  2. Just stopping bye to say hi! I hope all is going well with you guys. If you need a break from all that winter may I suggest a trip down south. It is becoming quite nice! Of course I will be dealing with mud in another week or two. Gardening will start soon down here too. How early do you think I can get tomatoes??? Perhaps peas by May? Time to check out your square foot gardening tips I guess. ;-)

  3. Now that is awesome. Your ingenuity is amazing!

  4. I found Palmolive for $4.50 for 90 oz at Deals. You can look for them on line at Stock up! @JaneMiami (Jane Walker Jane Walker on Pinterest)



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