Thursday, July 14, 2011

Make Do Bathroom Accessories

I really like to decorate. I love to take odds and ends that I find at thrift and consignment stores, gifts, and hand me downs, and turn them  into something attractive (at least to me). In my younger days  I used to spend countless hours crafting with friends to create accessories to make a "home". I don't have time to do that anymore, but I still like to rearrange and add new accessories every now and then to shake things up a little.

The bathroom is one area at our house that gets taken for granted. It tends to be pretty utilitarian in both bathrooms. After all, the men in my household don't care much for fluffy decorations in the bathroom. It's more about the reading material that is available. To pretty things up (and give my bathroom a girly touch), I grabbed some things from around the house, and used them to hold some essentials on the bathroom counter.

I used a ceramic mug from an old dinnerware set to hold toothpaste and all the toothbrushes that wander into my bathroom (why is Mom and Dad's bathroom cooler than your own?). I just turned the broken handle side to the wall.  An antique half pint canning jar that I bought for a dollar at a consignment store (it didn't have a lid) holds 5 oz. paper cups.  Small stoneware crocks (that Dear Hubby bought me) stores cotton balls and q tips.

A larger stoneware crock holds combs, brushes, body spray and mouthwash. Of course, the foaming hand soap pump has been refilled with water and dish soap to save money.

The boy's bathroom isn't about the pretty. It's about the essentials. Besides boy's don't care if things match or not.  I did need something to hold paper cups (they tend to slop water everywhere, and I hate wet, soggy cups). An empty yogurt cup just fit the bill. If you did want to make your cup holder fancy, you could cover it with some scrapbook paper and contact paper (to make it waterproof).

Cheap, quick, easy, and pretty! The four best words when you are decorating. What are some of your favorite ways to decorate on the cheap?


  1. I love "make do" stuff - decorating or not. Excellent job - I particularly like the old glass jar.

    Now to find space for all the "reading material" in my bathroom.

  2. What a great idea to use the half pint glass jar for cups! I have one of those in the back of the kitchen cabinet. It fit perfectly with the cups in my bathroom. Thanks again for another great idea, TWM!

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  6. You, being resourceful, is really impressive! Imagine, you found a new way to repurpose these ceramic mugs. Now, all you have to worry now is how to keep those mugs clean, along with the bathroom tiles. You know how they get after a few months of being exposed to moist, soap, and whatnot that you use when in the bathroom.

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