Friday, July 15, 2011

Every Bargain Hunters Dream

Dear Daughter's BFF gave us the heads up this afternoon that Down East Outfitters was having a spectacular side walk sale! I love Down East's style of clothing, but their regularly priced clothing is not really a great deal, and usually out of my price range ( I usually end up picking them at our local thrift stores). However, their side walk sales are usually full of rock bottom prices, and to die for! Of course, we loaded up in the old Suburban and headed right over (with BFF in tow) to check out the sale. I am really, really, REALLY glad that we did. We got some amazing deals! When we arrived there were six large tables, under an awning, covered with cardboard boxes (Did I mention that my palms started getting sweaty, with excitement, from the thrill of the "hunt"?). Each box was marked between $2.00 - $10.00, and each was filled to the brim with skirts, t shirts, blouses,sweaters, dresses, jackets, pants and shorts. Dear Daughter, BFF, and I didn't waste any time. We started digging through boxes like "rats through a sewer".  There were  A LOT  of x-small items (which really wouldn't work for us), but there were plenty of items in our sizes! 

We found seven sweaters. Each was marked for $7.00. Some of them retailed for $30.00 or more.

Two jackets (both for Dear Daughter, who has a jacket fetish). One is corduroy ($10.00) and the other leopard print (Obviously; it was $7.00).

Three dressier shirts ($5.00 a piece) that will be fun paired with skirts or jeans.

Four long sleeved T shirts (the white one was $5.00 the other three were $2.50 each). which are nice for layering in the winter.

Four half sleeve T shirt and one short sleeve lace edged layering T shirt for $2.50 each. I like to layer the half sleeve  and long sleeve T shirts under my scrubs at work in the fall and winter. They add some warmth without bulk.

Two camisoles ( $5.00 each) which are a must have to wear under shirts and sweaters in the winter. Bonus: white camisoles and T shirts never seem to go on clearance, so finding them for $5.00 vs. $9.99 or $12.99 if fabulous in my book.

A VERY cute wrap style dress for me ($10.00). It will be great to wear in early fall with flip flops and this winter with my black boots (and a black camisole underneath).

 My favorite bargain was the black cardigan sweater that was $7.00.

One of the shoulder seams had unraveled leaving and open seam, but  five minutes with my sewing machine fixed that.

What really got me excited was when I looked at the laundry care tag after repairing the sweater, and realized it is Merino wool.  A wool sweater for $7.00 is a great deal. Do you know what the cherry one top of this whole sweet deal is?  The price tag revealed that the silly sweater originally retailed for $88.00! Now, I'm sure I will feel uber chic wearing my "expensive" sweater!

Dear Daughter now has two jackets, two sweaters, one dressy shirt, two T shirts, and a camisole for school. I now have five sweaters, two dressy shirts, three long sleeve and four shorted sleeve T shirts, one camisole, and a dress. I usually don't buy that many clothes for myself, but my wardrobe is sadly lacking right now. Most of my shirts and sweaters are worn thin or full of holes. I used my birthday money to buy my clothes, and some of the school clothes fund to pay for Dear Daughter's. The best part is that we were able to purchase 24 items of new clothing for $130.50. Even better is that we saved $512.42!  The sales clerks and our fellow bargain shoppers gave us a round of applause when the clerk announced our savings! I felt like a shopping Queen!

Right now is a great time to pick up school clothes or next year's summer clothes and shoes on end of the season clearance sales. A lot of stores are also marking an additional 20 - 50% off the lowest marked price on the clearance items, as well. Next on my back to school bucket list is finding school shoes for Child #3 and 4 on the clearance racks.  Both of their feet seem to be growing at an alarming rate, and the shoes they are wearing now probably won't fit by September.


  1. WOW! Great shopping trip!

  2. Excellent deals...wish I lived closer


  3. Some great bargains on some great clothing! Good job!

  4. I need a jealous button - I LOVE clothing clearances :-)

  5. You did great! I heard about the sale the day AFTER from a friend. Bummer!

  6. WOW! you did great. Very satisfying getting so many clothes for so little money.

  7. cute the gray sweater with the ruffles!

  8. WOW!! Love it! I am so excited for you! It is auch a natural high to get such great deals. A bit jealous here. Way to go!!

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