Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random But Frugal Thoughts

I have been really focusing on eliminating food waste this week. I have also been focusing on digging out from under the layer of clutter Christmas always seems to bring. The pile of Christmas goodie plates, that has been covering our kitchen table, from all our wonderful neighbors are slowly being consumed. Children are great for consuming sugary goodness.....I wish I could blame them for being the sole culprits, but I can't ( Oops! I just confessed ANOTHER sin!). I turned the rest of the Egg Nog and a dozen leftover rolls, that were a little on the stale side, into Egg Nog French Toast for breakfast. The turkey has been recycled into sandwiches and Fricassee. However, the troops are begin to balk at the turkey entree line up for the rest of the week, so I will probably put the rest in the freezer to use later. On the upside, I got a Presto Multi Cooker/ Steamer for Christmas that I have been itching to try. I think I will pull all the odds and ends out of the freezer (a.k.a chicken nuggets, french fries, tater tots, fish sticks) the assorted veggies that need to be used up (zucchini, green chilies, carrots, mushrooms) and have a deep fat fried fest. tonight. Not healthy, necessarily, but FUN!

Every year, the week after Christmas (and the entire month of January, too) I get the urge to redecorate. I've decided that it's more I want to shake up the "same old, same old" at my house. There is rarely any money in the decorating budget, so I usually have to compensate by rearranging furniture. If I move furniture from one room to another (using a cedar chest for a coffee table in the living room, and throwing a quilt over the back of the couch) it feels like a whole new room. Organizing and decluttering also helps curb my urges, too. When I am organized I feel like I am in more control of my crazy life. Plus, the house seems to stay a little bit cleaner, too. Yesterday, I decluttered and organized my little boy's room, and Child #2 are her Best Buddy did the same thing in her room ( Best Buddy and I moved the furniture, so she wouldn't rip out the surgeons handy work). I will be picking a project or two to work on every day until all the closets and rooms are organized. Woohoo!


  1. I have been working on a blog post, which I was planning to post sometime this week, where I was going to make a January challenge (to myself and others) to 'declutter' 100 items. I get the urge every so often to declutter and I always feel tons better after it is done. It looks like you are a few steps ahead of me!

  2. My big project is to get rid of any holiday decor items that have been left in the boxes for 3-4 years without being brought out. Also we need to revisit kid art supplies, since my brother in law got the kids the most mega-luxe Crayola collection I've ever seen for Christmas! As for food waste, the husband and I have gained far too much this year, and it's looking like a lot of the sweets will need to just make their way out the door, unfortunately. Hopefully next year we will remember how much people tend to bring to us, and not bake so much ourselves!

  3. Off topic but.... I just wanted to say I saw your tip about adding potato flakes to bread on the Frugal Girl website and I am definitely going to try that myself!

  4. Your deep fat fried fest really does sound like fun. I've been trying to declutter around here for a couple of years now and feel like I've barely made a dent. Time for another round now!!!



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