Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Save That Foil

It's another quick tip today, too. When your recipe calls for covering the dish with foil before baking don't waste aluminum foil. Cover your 13x9 inch pan with a large cookie sheet, instead.
I came across this idea by accident. The other day I ran out of foil right as I was throwing dinner in the oven. Naturally, I was in a hurry, and none of the neighbors were home to borrow from. In desperation, I threw a cookie sheet on top of the casserole and hoped for the best. It worked great!
Desperation is always the mother of invention in my book!


  1. Great idea! You can also recycle foil for wall art. I found it somewhere but can't remember where. I will post it if I find it again. The basic idea is to cut the foil into small rectangles and alternate the direction and side they are placed on. Put them over the backing of your frame. Hand a snowflake or other type object from the center and voila a nice shiney framed art. Got the idea? I will post the link if I find it again. TTYL

    BTW: the washer necklaces were super duper easy! You can do several up with just pennies. Jess and her friends would love 'em. Good luck. Let me know how it turns out!

  2. You can find the foil craft here http://joysofhome.blogspot.com/



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