Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fabulous Thrift Store Finds

I have to tell you that I love to shop at thrift stores! It is like going on safari; it is all about the thrill of the hunt. You never know what you are going to find. I keep a small notebook in my purse with a list of items that my family is in need of. About every week or so I make a loop and hit the second hand stores in my area. Sometimes there isn't anything really worth buying, but quite often I hit pay dirt!!! You do have to have a general idea of prices, because not all thrift store finds are a good deal. It's silly to pay $X.XX for Walmart brand jeans at a thrift store if you can buy them on clearance at Walmart for exactly the same price or less. However, most of the time you can find name brand clothing (some with the tags on them) for significantly less than buying them at the store. Household items, books, toys, holiday items, picture frames, canning jars, wicker baskets, and some electronics are usually good deals, too.

Anyway, I hit Deseret Industries this morning looking for pajama pants for child #4 (his are getting VERY small. He and #4 son are the same size right now; so no hand me downs). Here are the great things that I found. 1. "Preach My Gospel" for $2.00
2. You've Got Mail on VHS for $2.00 (it's one of my favorite movies)
3. "Homemade" by Alexa Lett for $.75 (full of thrifty gift ideas)
4. Over the door shoe organizer for $2.00 (to replace the one the little boys destroyed)
5. Sunday shoes for child #3 for $4.00
6. Brand new laundry basket for $2.00 (still has the tag in the bottom of the basket)7. 18 jelly jars at $.25 a piece (stocking up now to fill with jelly for holiday gifts)
8. A backpack for $1.50 ( saving it for next school year to replace the one that will inevitably
wear out this year)
9. An 9x6 three ring binder for $.50 ( so I can start a price book, but more about that later)
10. 2 yards of new flannel for $2.00 (for my fabric stash or to make more pjs)
11. 2 pairs of pajama bottoms one for $2.00 and one for $3.00 (the whole reason I went to D.I. in the first place)
12. A pint jug for $.75 (to put in my daughter's lunch bag)
13. Fisher Price Dollhouse with family and furniture for $4.00 ( in new condition; I am so proud!)
14. Little Tikes Kitchen for $7.00 (not pictured, but in great condition)
15. Little Tikes Workbench for $7.00 (not pictured, but also in great condition)
These items are for my sister in laws who has a daycare. She mentioned she wanted to get these items, but couldn't afford to buy them new.

Everything cost me a grand total of $47.70 including tax. Not bad, considering all of these things new would have cost three of four times that amount if I had bought them all new!


  1. I LOVE that store! Great deals!

  2. Way to go, you savvy shopper you!

  3. I have GOT to come with you. I do ok, but even Robin finds better thrift store deals than I do. I'll teach you my crafts you teach me thrift shopping, Deal? Nice shopping! Maybe I just need to go more often/regularly like you do eh?

  4.'s me Julie Bigler...I didn't know you couponed..I read one of your comments on Pyp and just happened to click on your blog. I can't believe you found all this at DI. I never do. We are trying to get Bountiful Baskets here in Poky are you interested.



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