Friday, January 29, 2010

Handy Invalid Care Tips!

Just a couple quick tips today! I brought hubby home from the hospital today. He was desperately in need of a bath, but he can't get his cast wet for 21 days. Wrapping his leg in a garbage bag and having him stand in the shower with the injured leg away from the water took care of that (wrapping a towel around the top of the garbage bag and duct taping it in place helps absorb drips and keeps water from running under the bag). Unfortunately, he is taller than me so washing is hair and upper extremities was causing the soapy water from the shower to run down my arms and drench my shirt. I took a couple of old crew socks, and cut the stretchy top part off. I put those on each forearm, and viola, it absorbed the drips! The crew sock trick would work great with toddlers who want to feed themselves. Use a couple mismatched kids socks the same way to absorb food drips. Also, the hospital sent us home with a couple of ice bags to use. They are long and skinny with ties on the ends. Very handy, but a stinker to fill with crushed ice. After dumping more ice on my foot than in the ice bag, I wised up and used my canning funnel. A canning funnel is designed to fit into the opening of a regular mason jar, allowing the produce to be placed easily into the jar. Well, it also fit perfectly into the opening of the ice bag allowing the ice to slide in easily (and not all over the floor). If you need to make your own ice pack, fill a quart sized freezer bag with 1 part alcohol to 2 parts water. Make sure the bag is completely sealed and freeze flat in the freezer. The alcohol will keep it from freezing solid. Making it much easier to form around the injury (wrap a hand towel around the ice pack to avoid frost bite). They are reusable; just place in the freezer to refreeze. Hopefully, you won't have to use these handy ideas on any of your loved ones, but it's good to be prepared....just in case!

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