Sunday, June 13, 2010

Softening Corn Tortillas

Sorry, I didn't spend a lot of time blogging last week, but our family took a little trip to Yellowstone National Park (which, I will post more about later). I'm trying to recuperate from spending several days stuck in the car with 4 children (5, if you count Dear Hubby)! As I was planning out this week's menu (using this week's Bountiful Basket items; which included more corn tortillas), I remember this handy tip for softening corn tortillas without using oil (Dear Hubby and I are both trying to shed a few pounds). My family loves soft tacos and enchiladas, and corn tortillas are a healthier option than white flour tortillas, but they are very difficult to handle straight out of the fridge. I was taught that you soften them by frying in hot oil for a few seconds (very yummy, and very fattening!). After some experimenting, I have discovered that if you lay 2 - 3 tortillas on a paper plate, cover them with another paper plate, and microwave them for 20 - 30 seconds in the microwave the steam created between the paper plates softens the tortillas enough to make them easy to roll up. Another bonus is that there is not a greasy mess to clean up either!


  1. That is a great tip. We always have flour tortillas on hand, but I may have to throw some corn tortillas back in the mix with this tip!!!

  2. Great idea!! Glad you were able to get away! Hope you had a fabulous time. Good luck with the recooping!!



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