Monday, June 21, 2010

Go To Meals

I was browsing the Pinching Your Pennies blog tonight, and came across a great post on easy go to meals! I am the first to admit that menu planning is not my strongest attribute. When I come home tired from work, dreaming up a gourmet dinner is rarely on the top of my To Do List! More often than not it leads to a quick trip to the Dollar Menu at the closest fast food restaurant, or take and bake pizza. While, both those options rate very high on my children's favorite dinners; it ends up being fairly expensive (especially if you are feeding six hungry mouths) and not all that nutritious.
That is probably why I spend so much time searching other people's blogs for fabulous recipes! Anyway, go check out this great post; it has some really great ideas that you can pull together easily!!


  1. Thanks for the Pinching Your Pennies link -- got some great ideas!

  2. That was an interesting post, thanks for the link!



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