Saturday, May 15, 2010

My First Bloggy Award

Oh, my goodness!!!! I have received my first "bloggy" award


I have Jayaycee @ Jayaycee Blog to thank for this honor. Go by and visit her blog soon; it's delightful! She always brings a smile to my face. With this award come some obligations (all good things come with responsibility.....right?).

First: I must thank the lovely person who honored me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Jayaycee, I am thrilled with this honor, and your faith in me; hopefully I can live up to it.

Second: I must share SEVEN things about me. Here goes......

1. I love aprons. Frilly, utilitarian, garish, old, new, it doesn't matter. I have half a dozen; one for every mood . Whenever I slip on one of my beautiful aprons I am ready to tackle any culinary challenge placed before me. I even have a black ruffly one for when I'm feeling swanky!

2. Cookbooks rule! They are my favorite bedtime reading (and sometimes I do have visions of sugarplums...or better yet, double chocolate brownies dancing in my head). I also collect them. Dear Hubby bought me a bookshelf last Valentine's Day so I can proudly display my collection (Honestly, I think he was just tired of tripping over piles of cookbooks and cooking magazines every night!). Unfortunately, it is almost full!

3. My name is Tightwad Mom...... and I am a Diet Coke aholic (step one down, eleven more to go). Diet Coke is my not so secret guilty pleasure. I have a stash of 12 packs (I don't want to be caught unprepared) in my basement storage room (bought on sale with coupons, of course). If I'm feeling wild and crazy I will crack open a Cherry Coke Zero ( I am such a party animal!).

4. I am banana challenged. They are the bane of my existence. In my 2o years of marriage I have not been able to balance the quantity to demand ratio. I am forever being stared down by a few rogue black bananas. Hence, the endless banana recipes than end up on my blog.

5. Hanging laundry outside on a clothesline is like free therapy to me. I love the smell of clean, wet laundry when I hang it on the line. There is something very satisfying in seeing lines of freshly laundered clothes fluttering in the breeze. Not everyone in my family feels this way, though. To quote Child #3 (who was nine at the time, and standing outside on a step stool in his underwear at 7:45 am, between two lines of laundry) "A man should not have to NOT have to go outside to get his pants!"

6. I love a bargain. I am a coupon clipping, thrift store perusing, yard sailing, clearance rack shopping fanatic. My palms get sweaty and my pulse starts to race when I find a hidden treasure at the thrift store, or match coupons with sales for cheap or FREE groceries.

7. My mantra is "Use it up! Wear it out! Make do or do Without! I am a product of my childhood. I was raised by a Mother, two Grandmothers, and one Great Grand Mother who were great examples of this wonderful quote. They made sure I was well versed in the arts of sewing, canning, crocheting, gardening, and thrifting. I have to admit, I did not appreciate their efforts at the time. That came later..... much later (and it has been my salvation ever since)!

Third: I must pass "The Versatile Blogger" award on to 15 other blogs that I have recently discovered and think are FABULOUS!!!! And the award goes to.......

Fourth: I must contact each of these ABOVE AVERAGE BLOGGERS, and let them know of their achievement. I guess I have my work cut out for me!

I would like to thank all of my bloggy friends who come by and visit often, you make my frugal forum such a fun place to be. I love to read all your comments and appreciate your support!


  1. Hey Sis, thanks so much. I feel I have slacked on blogging lately for obvious (I hope) reasons. This will give me a reason to jump start things again this week. I think we were made to be sisters in heaven! love ya!

  2. Thank you so much for giving me the award! I'm honored :)

  3. Thanks for giving me the award and visiting my blog....I will add you to my reader list! You rock!

  4. Thank you so much for thinking of me...I really enjoy your blog, too!

  5. Wow!! Thanks! You are all too sweet! I feel very honored!

  6. Please let me know if I can transfer this from Comfy Cook to My Sweet and Savory. They are both my blogs.

    This is so nice of you to do and I am honored to accept it.

  7. You're the BEST! Thank you for such a great award. I really am so honored! Keep up your good work!! You're doing an amazing job!

  8. You are more than welcome ... I love your blog and am so glad I found you! After reading your list, I realize we are actually sisters! I love aprons and have an apron collection. Hubby finally hung an apron rack for me last year. I own over 200 cookbooks and read them like novels. I am a Diet Sierra Mist/Diet Sprite fanatic. Just did a guest post for Marvelous Mommy last week with my recipe for using up bananas - Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Hanging laundry outside doesn't happen at our house, but I grew up with it. Standing between the fragrant sheets and towels on the line was heaven. I think I get that endorphin high from a good bargain find. I was also taught knitting and sewing, etc., growing up. It's sad that our middle and high schools no longer have the Bachelor Arts classes. I learned a lot there, too. Anyway, loved your post and thanks for sharing!!!

  9. I have been meaning to come by and tell you Thank you for giving me this great award! I am honored. Sorry it's taken me so long to say that.
    I love your blog and visit often. Keep up the good work.
    Thanks again for the wonderful award and for visiting my blog.
    Oh, and I loved reading your '7 facts about you'.



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