Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happiness 101

Happiness is a good friend, and my dear friend at has been kind enough to award my blog the Happy 101 award.

I would like to thank her for her thoughtfulness. Stop by Jayaycee's blog soon; you'll love it. It is full of recipes, ideas, reminisces, and food for thought. She has quite a sense of humor, too. I thoroughly enjoy each visit.

Now to fulfill the requirements. The recipient must do the following things:
  1. Copy and paste the award into their blog.
  2. Tell the rest of blogdom all about the lovely person who passed the award on you, and provide a link to their blog.
  3. List ten things that makes you happy
  4. Pass the award on to other bloggers, and visit their blogs to let them know about their award.
Ten things that make me happy......
  1. Diet Coke; enough said.
  2. New dish towels. My favorites are colored flour sack, and homespun plaids. My kitchen feels all pretty and new when I hang a new dish towel on the oven door handle.
  3. New dish rags. It is so refreshing to wipe a counter clean with a rag that is not stained and full of holes. Dear Hubby thinks I'm insane, but I ask for new ones every year for my birthday.
  4. Hugs from my children. It is sad to say as my children get older hugs become more sporadic. Therefore, I treasure each one.
  5. Sitting in the sunshine. I love to sit in the sunshine and enjoy a quiet moment (though, most sun sitting sessions involve my children, so they are rarely quiet).
  6. A good book. I am an avid reader. I still like to learn (I' m hoping it will keep my brain from turning to mush), so I read lots of nonfiction. Don't get my wrong, though. I'm always in for a good fluffy novel or mystery.
  7. My garden. It is a love/hate relationship sometimes, but mostly love. I derive great pleasure in providing fresh veggies for my family and friends.
  8. Canning. I know this sounds insane (and it probably is), but I am a happy little camper when I am in the throws of preserving fruits, veggies, pickles, jams,and jellies. I love looking a the rows of full jars lined up on the basement shelves (and hopefully,my family doesn't mind eating it).
  9. Baking. Baking is a stress reliever for me. You can gauge my stress level by how many baked goods are in the house. Thank goodness there always seems to be a few teenage boys hanging around my house willing to help keep inventory in check!
  10. Antique kitchenware. Just love them. I have them decorating all the nooks and crannies in my kitchen. They are a constant reminder of how hard my female ancestors worked to raise their (not so little families), so I had better buck up and get to raising my own little brood!
Now, to pass The Happy 101 award along to a few blogs that always make my day! Check out these great blogs soon!


  1. Thank you so much for the award! I am glad that I can have a small part in making your day happy!

    As far as canning...I wished you lived near me...I would invite youto my canning party! I got a whole canning set compliments of Ball and House Party and I am super excited to learn to can! Please share some good recipes...

  2. Thanks for the award!! I feel very honored. After reading your list it is no wonder we are great friends..we love the same things. Oh those days of Diet Coke,Diet Pepsi and baseball. Good Times and good memories. I could of never made it through that without you!!

  3. That is a great list of ten ... I am so with you on many of them. I love to bake, too, but I tend to eat it all which puts on pounds and stresses me out even more. So one of the things I do to relieve stress now is knit cotton dishcloths, which also gives me new dishrags periodically. You should try it - then you won't have to wait for your birthday!

  4. congratulations on your award!! Its very nice to meet you!

  5. I love the things on your list, too. Especially new washcloths. I really love fat, squishy microfiber ones because they clean really well and dry quickly, so they never have a stale odor. I hate that smell!

  6. Thanks so much for passing the award on! I really appreciate it. It was fun to read some interesting facts about you! Thanks!



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