Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Errand Day

I just finished organizing my game plan for today. Mostly, it consists of running errands (and laundry). Due to  the fact, that if gas prices go any higher, I may have to sell a child (or a kidney) to afford to purchase it; I have been trying to drastically reduce our consumption. Among other things, now I cram all my errands for the week into one day, if possible. This is doable if  I get myself organized before I set out.
  • First, I have assembled all the necessary tools on the computer desk (that I spent a half hour yesterday cleaning off, so that I could have a spot to mess up, again).

  •  I have perused all the grocery ads (paper and virtual) for loss leader deals.
  •  I have assembled all the pertinent coupons. Matching coupons to sales prices is one of the most lucrative ways to use coupons.
  •  Of course, I had the help of a friend! This little bad boy is in the top five of my favorite frugal tools. It's name is the i slice, you can find your very own at a Harbor Freight near you, or HERE. I use it for cutting out coupons, cutting recipes out of magazines (and the newspaper), cutting gift wrap, trimming scrapbook paper, and opening packaging. In fact, I am so in love with it, that when  I lost it last year,  I ripped the house apart trying to find it, and was so depressed, that I went around in a funk for weeks. All my family members ended up buying  me several for my birthday (probably so I would stop moping around). P.S. You'll be happy to know I found the original in the gift wrap box this Christmas (Oops! My bad!)
  • Now the plan of action has been committed to paper. I do much better staying on track (and not FORGETTING something), if my list is itemized.  Every store I need to stop at has a separate list of the items I am going to buy there. The asterisks next to some of the items means I have a coupon for it. My to do list is in order, from starting to stopping point. When I have finished I will have driven a circle of the entire town. That way I don't have to back track and waste fuel. 
  •  Naturally, I have had my morning beverage to fortify my before the big trip!

Well, I guess, I had better hurry and get started on my quest. My list will take me several hours, and my little boys get home from school at 2:30pm.  My great adventure, awaits....................!


  1. I need to get better at this. I find I am at the grocery store every other day due to poor planning. And with gas in my area at $1.35 a litre(about $5.10 a gallon), it is way too costly to drive needlessly.

  2. I am looking forward to the days when I can make the loop without little ones in tow. I may not have to wait years either- school is out in 18 days and boys HATE shopping but don't mind babysitting!! he he he! Perhaps 1 trip into the city will cover it for me. Now I just need to get caught up on my coupon clipping. I have been a bit of a slacker lately.

  3. You are truly organized and I bow down to your scheduling wonderfulness! I have one of those little slicers that I got at a Pampered Chef party. It has a magnet in it and hangs on the side of the fridge. Thank God I haven't lost it yet.

  4. Yesterday was my errand day as well! Like you, I sat and got everything organized, got my coupons together, etc. . . . and then left the coupons sitting on the counter in the kitchen! Oh well. I just bought a few less things, and will use the coupons when I go out next time in a couple of weeks.

    I really dislike driving, but consider it a necessary evil. I was combining trips long before I ever knew it was economical just because I wanted to drive as little as possible.

  5. The cost of gasoline has an effect on so much of our lives. You have a great game plan for your errands!



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