Saturday, January 29, 2011

Utilities Saving For January

Tonight was bill paying night. After  paying the bills and having a Pow Wow with Dear Hubby on the State of the Finances, I did a quick comparison of last months utility costs with this month's bills. According to my calculations we saved $8.35 on our electric bill, $6.51 on our water (sewer and garbage) bill, but our gas bill went up $23.56. I was a little bummed out about the increase for the gas bill until I realized that we have had temperatures in the teens and below freezing for the better part of last month. I also compared this month's usage with January 2010 and we used exactly the same amount of natural gas. Last January was much warmer than this year, so that made me feel better. All in all it was not the huge savings I was hoping for, but even a little bit saved is better than nothing at all.
This month I am going to make a better effort to line dry more of our clothes and conserve our water usage. The days are starting to get longer, so maybe we can start using artificial light a little less, too. I guess, "Rome Wasn't Built In A Day", so I guess ginormous utility savings isn't either. 


  1. Great job! Every little bit counts. I got my utility bill today and just about passed out. We need to figure out ways to cut it also. Thanks for the great tips.

  2. I'd say well done! every little bit does add up, so I appreciate hearing what others do. thanks, TWM!

  3. Any savings is a victory!! YAY YOU!!! I am always working on getting our bills lower. Love to read blogs like yours.

  4. You are doing a fantastic job with utility bills! This WAS a bitter cold January! Love your blog!

  5. Just paying attention to the utility bills helps tremendously. We must be doing something right because whenever the kids come over they say it's cold in our house. Is that part of being a good parent? Telling them to put a sweater on??? =D

  6. WE are still adjusting our utilities since they have taken the caps off the electric. But I have cut the water and the gas. We did put in a new heater since last year so I think that makes a big difference. You are doing great




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