Monday, April 12, 2010

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

Isn't this picture great? I found it hanging on the wall in the bathroom of my favorite second hand shop, one day, when child #4 (then 3 years old couldn't hold it anymore). I instantly fell in love with it. Since, the shop had become a favorite haunt of mine (who doesn't love browsing through other peoples treasures) I had built a repoire with the owner. After commenting on how wonderful the picture was I asked her if she would be willing to sell it. At first I could tell she was reluctant, but after visiting for awhile she realized her treasured photo would go to a good home. She sold it to me for $5.00 (a bargain, I thought). The shop owner had discovered it in a box she had bought from an estate sale, she too had fallen in love with it. It reminded her of her mother!
It has had "pride of place" hanging above my washing machine ever since. I'm sure we have all "walked a mile" in her shoes more than once! Thank Heavens for modern appliances! Imagine hanging out a large families worth of undies (and everything else) on the clothesline every Monday morning!!


  1. Love it! It so reminds me of the old days!! I remember doing that with my mom. She still hangs her clothes. I do love my dryer!!

  2. I love this photo! It does remind me of home. That is a wonderful find!
    Have a good week!



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