Friday, April 30, 2010

Freezing Strawberries and A Nifty Trick For Hulling Them

Strawberries are a favorite at our house, so I have been taking advantage of the great deals on strawberries this week. The only down side to strawberries is that they don't stay fresh for very long (even in the refrigerator). Even though my family has been happily trying to keep up with influx (strawberry jello, strawberry shortcake, strawberries on their cereal, strawberries after school, strawberries on ice cream, strawberry smoothies) I decided to freeze a bunch. That way we can enjoy them later in the season when they aren't so readily available (and cheap!). Freezing strawberries is very easy to do, and if you flash freeze them individually you can store them in gallon plastic freezer bags (using fewer plastic freezer bags). When you need strawberries you can take out only as many as you need. To freeze strawberries:

1. You will need a large cookie sheet covered with wax paper (make sure wax paper is 2-3 inches longer than the cookie sheet on both sides), a straw, and gallon plastic freezer bags.

2. Wash strawberries under cold running water. Place in a colander to drain.

3. Hull the strawberry. I read this method in a magazine several years ago, and it makes hulling strawberries so fast and easy (plus there is less waste) that I have been using it ever since.

A.Push non flexing side of the straw through the bottom of the strawberry.

B. Push up through the strawberry popping the stem out of the strawberry. If you don't get it all the first time, just pull back on the straw a little reposition and pop the rest out.

4. Place hulled strawberries on the cookie sheet.

5. Place cookie sheet on a flat area in the freezer. Let the strawberries "flash" freeze for about two hours. They should be firm, but not frozen to the cookie sheet. If you let your strawberries freeze over night, and they are frozen to the wax paper, let them sit on the counter for 15 minutes before removing them from the tray.

6. Remove from cookie sheet by lifting the corner of the wax paper and loosening the strawberries.

7. Place in a gallon plastic freezer bag. Write the date you froze the strawberries on the bag with a permanent marker. Place in the freezer for storage.

Now your strawberries are ready to enjoy. Use them to:
  • Make smoothies.
  • Make milkshakes
  • Use them in place of ice cubes in lemonade or punch.
  • Chop them up semi frozen and throw into pancakes, muffins, cake, or quick bread batter
  • Thaw them whole and make fresh strawberry pie
  • My kids like to eat them frozen like a popsicle. Just thread them onto a straw for a handy handle.
What are your favorite ways to eat strawberries?


  1. Love the trick! I bought strawberries last week and the kids ate all but a few. I was so mad because I let them go bad!

  2. Thank-you for posting this trick, I usually end up wasting some of the strawberry when I cut the hull out with a knife. This will really come in handy.



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