Sunday, April 18, 2010

End Of The Waste Not Want Not Challenge

Well, I did it. For the last thirty days I have made a conscience effort to recycle and reuse where ever possible. I have realized that being Uber frugal can sometimes be a TON of work. Life also does not go according to plan, it likes to throw you curve balls at every opportunity. When you live a busy (okay, insanely crazy) lifestyle it is not always easy to take the time to be frugal. I had to become organized and creative to get it all done. I am pleased with my results, though. I have had very little food waste (and nobody died from eating leftover, leftover casserole or soup). I also tried to find a free or resourceful solution for lives ever day dramas. Are garbage can has been a little emptier each week, too. I have also started to really embrace the concept of being greener household (except for the big family Easter party. Then, I caved and used paper plates and plastic cutlery. I did wash the cutlery to use in the kids lunch boxes.). Being green is really being thrifty and frugal. It is better for the environment and my pocket book. I have even devised a mobile clothes line out of an old Quick Shade frame that I am going to use to hang our clothing out to dry (but that is another post!). It has been a very rewarding adventure! Thanks to everybody who joined me, and shared their frugal ideas. You are all a great friends!!!!!

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