Saturday, December 26, 2009

Reuse Those Mesh Bags

Okay it's just a quickie hint today because if I don't clean my house soon the Health Department's going to shut me down!! Save those mesh bags that the Cutie Clementine's come in. There have been some great sales on them at Fred Meyer's lately, and they are the perfect kid friendly fruit. My kids love them. Anyway, the mesh bags make great storage bags for tub toys. Have the kids put the toys in it when bath time is over, and hang it from your shower caddy to drip dry. If your in a pinch for a pot scrubber. You can scrunch it up, and scrub away! When your done toss it in the trash. You can store bread bags in them, too. Hang it from the pantry wall with a push pin, and your bags are easily accessible. Let your imagination be your guide!!!

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