Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I am so tired tonight from trying to wrap up all of the last minute holiday to do's that I can't even think straight. Most of my plan A's are now down to Plan C or D. The rolls are store bought instead of homemade, the brownie cups (which I was going to wow everyone with on my blog tonight) stuck and look like misshapen UFO's (unidentifiable food objects), the fudge is grainy, the popcorn popper exploded (because SOMEONE was chit chatting and forgot to put the measuring cup back on top of the popper) and there is popcorn everywhere, the new toilet for the guest bathroom is sitting in the garage instead of in the bathroom (I have 17 people coming for a Christmas Eve party at noon tomorrow), the dog has had way to many holiday treats and will probably be sick tonight, the house is dirty, I couldn't even remember my 3rd child's name a little while ago ( he was called all of his siblings names, including his sister, and three of my brother's names before I got it right), and I think I'm coming down from my Diet Coke induced high. I am definitely NOT going to earn my Martha Stewart merit badge this year! But you know what, none of that matters because it's CHRISTMAS (yeah!)! Tonight I have nothing productive, clever, frugal, intelligent, amusing, or noteworthy to say other than MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone! Thank you for being wonderful people who support me, and love me despite myself. You are all truly a blessing! I love you all! Have a wonderful holiday!!!!!!

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