Sunday, December 20, 2009

Decadent Cocoa

My mom gave me this idea a couple years ago, and I thought I would share! If you want to make a cup of hot chocolate extra yummy place two Hershey kisses in the bottom of the mug with the cocoa mix. Pour boiling water into your mug and stir until the kisses have dissolved (make sure to let it cool a little bit if serving it to kids, or add a dollop of leftover whipped cream to cool it down). It tastes like pure heaven! My favorite is two cherry cordial kisses in Stephen's milk chocolate cocoa. A container of cocoa and a bag of Hershey kisses is another great idea for neighbor or friend gifts this year (add a tag that says Wishing you a Merry "Kissmas" Love the ---). Kisses come in tons of great flavors during the holidays so watch the after Christmas sales, and stock up on discounted bags! Milk chocolate will last in your pantry for six months to a year. Save your candy canes too! My kids love to stir their hot chocolate with a candy cane, and I don't have to wash spoons when they are done. (Heads up! Stock up on mini candy canes on the after Christmas sales I have a darling Valentine's treat to make with them that I will post in February!)

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