Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tightwad Mom's Frugal Book Pick Of The Month

When it comes to reigning in the grocery budget, it is a essential to have a game plan. That is why menu planning is an important slice in the thrifty pie. I, however, stink at menu planning. I have good intentions and will set a tenative line up of dinners, based on what's in my freezer, what's on sale that week, and the family's schedule, but at sometime during the week I end up winging a dinner or two. Either that, or I will sit down with calender and pencil in hand, ready to coordinate a week's worth of well balanced, gourmet dinner delight's (notice the sarcasm!); when my brain freezes up and I can not think of one thing that sounds even remotely appetizing. That is why I admire those of you who faithfully sit down and plan out a week or month's worth of menus.

So, for those of us, who rely on other peoples menu ideas, Jana Schofield has come to the rescue!
She has written a cookbook that does the work for you!

She has designed a cookbook that provides 30 weeks worth of dinner menus! It is broken down by each week. At the top of the page is 7 days worth of dinner ideas (including main dish, salad or side dishes, and dessert). Underneath the menu are all the recipes.

Jana is a Home Economics teacher (something that I admire), and she really knows her stuff! She also provides basic information for beginner's, and time (and money saving) tips. In the back there are two indexes: one is alphabetical, the other is categorized by item. Making it fast and easy to find any recipe.All the recipes are very easy, delicious, and call for basic ingredients and pantry staples. You can either follow the book religiously, or mix and match to meet your needs.
There are some divine dessert recipes included. I have made several of these desserts for potlucks and family gathering. There are rarely leftovers to bring home, and I get numerous requests for the recipes!

A dear friend of mine (also a Home Ec. teacher that I very much admire) introduced me to this fun cookbook. I love it so much I ordered one of my own immediately! Now, I have used my copy so much the pages are pockmarked with stains, and they getting very dog eared! I try to keep a stash of these books on hand to give as wedding, graduation, Christmas, and birthday gifts. Go check out Jana's website soon!


  1. Do I get to make a request for my birthday? or even Christmas?

  2. That sounds like a great resource. Thanks for sharing it!!

  3. Great info!! I am always looking for great recipes that are tried and true.

  4. I never realized you had a blog. I'm Norah on pyp. I'll have to link my recipe blog to your site. Fun site and I've enjoyed what I've seen so far.



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