Monday, December 28, 2009

More Garbage Recycling

Okay it's another quickie idea, again! I swear, after the holiday's I will sit down, and produce some quality frugal ideas. Unfortunately, right now the house is still not clean, and HOLY COW, the laundry is pouring out of the laundry room door! If I don't get on top of it today; child #3 and #4( both boys) will be wearing their sister's Hello Kitty underpants tomorrow!

I am a bread baker (and also a bread snob). Unless I can find a great deal on good quality bread at the store I like to bake my own. When I do find good sales I save the plastic bread bags to store my homemade bread in (right now Fred Meyer has been selling the Country Oven brand for $.79 - .89 a loaf. It's at its sell by date, but throw it in the freezer and your good to go. I have been finding it back by the dairy piled in shopping carts). After a while those bags start to pile up; making a mess of my pantry. Well, today as I was picking up an empty Kleenex box to toss in the trash I realized they are the perfect thing to store my bread bags in! Kleenex boxes would be great to store plastic grocery sacks, or washed out Ziploc bags, too. They hold a ton of bags, and they stack great. I have also been known to cut the tops off the boxes, and use them to organize my bill drawer. Just make sure you label your box, so someone doesn't try to blow their nose on your good reusable bags!!!

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