Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thrift Store Fabulous

I love, love, LOVE thrift stores!  There are several thrift stores in my area, but lately I have found Goodwill to have the best prices. I love that our Goodwill is clean, organized, and the employees are very friendly and helpful. I also like that every week a certain colored tag is 50% off. This week's tag is red. I stopped by looking for jeans for the kids for school. I didn't find any in their sizes that would work, but I did find some fabulous things, anyway!

Today's treasures included:
  • A vintage quart milk bottle - $.99
  • A glass cake stand  - $2.49 (it was a red tag item)
These two items are going to be a birthday gift.
  • A small vintage Pyrex container (it is going to hold sponges on my kitchen sink) - $.99
  • E bay for Dummies (Dear Hubby wants to start selling some of our unwanted items on E bay, and doesn't have a clue how to start) - $1.49 (it was a red tag item)
  • Three pairs of shorts for the boys - 2 pairs were $3.99 each, one was $1.49 (red tag)
  • A brand new Target Home brand fabric shower curtain (I have been looking for a new shower curtain for the upstairs bathroom. The one that we are currently using is 14 years old and pretty worn out) - $7.99
 Today grand total spent was $25.13. Not bad considering the shower curtain alone would have cost at least that bought new at the store. I do love a good treasure hunt! Have you found any fabulous items at the thrift store, lately?


  1. I love our Goodwill. For some reason they seem to have much better deals and merchandise than salvation army.

    Great Deals!!!


  2. I am am on Pyrex hunt myself....for that exact container! I got one the other day for .25, the finish is slightly worse for wear and it has no lid, but I'm happy to have it. They are a tad expen$ive on Ebay.
    Too funny, I just went shopping at the thrift store I volunteer at, and bought a shower curtain today also.
    Nice job on all your bargains. :)

  3. Our Goodwill stinks! Everything is priced within a dollar of new and the quality is far from it. I'm jealous of all the great things that I see other find though. Good for you.

  4. Wow. I am so impressed. You always do so good. I was so excited I found a pair of Lucky brand capris last week for $10. Thanks for being my inspiration.

  5. Good job! You have inspired me to go this very afternoon.

  6. Awesome job! You always find the best deals at the thrift stores!

  7. ooh, what fun...you did WELL! It is my fantasy to find a domed cake stand on a red-tag sale some day!! I have a cake stand but always wanted one with the dome. Y'know, like they have on the counter in diners!

  8. I miss your money saving ideas...hope all is well.

  9. We miss you Tightwad Mom! We hope you're just taking a well deserved vacation.

  10. Bueller...Bueller?? Hope all is well. We miss your wit and wisdom.

  11. Really miss your posts. Hope that all is okay and you are just taking a blogging break!

  12. Please come back! You inspire so many of us.

  13. Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)


  14. I guess you have decided to stop blogging. Thanks for all the tidbits of knowledge you gave us. You will be missed.

  15. I just wanted you to know that even though you are no longer blogging, I visit your blog everyday because I enjoy the list of blogs you have listed. It makes it so convenient for me to come here to see the few others I enjoy reading. Thank you. If you ever decide to post again, you can be sure I'd enjoy reading what you have to say. :)

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