Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ridley's and BiLo's (Associated Food) Deals 2/1 - 2/7

 There are some really fabulous deals this week at Ridley's. In fact, I am assuming most grocery stores will be posting Super Bowl Deals this week. I am certainly hoping that one of our local grocery stores has a sale on Diet Coke this week. I am down to my last 12 pack, and I am starting to worry. I can't justify paying $4.78 a twelve pack (the current price in our area) to support my bad habit. So, everybody pray with me that there is a great sale on my favorite vice this week. Better yet, pray for my children's health and safety, if it doesn't go on sale, and I have to quit COLD TURKEY! Some of the troops haven't learned that it is not wise to "poke a stick in the Badger hole when the Mama Badger is cranky"!

Anyway, on to the great deals. Check out your local Associated Food store for similar sale prices.
  • Medium Hass Avocados 2 for $.88
  • Navel Oranges $.49 pound
  • Green Onions 2 for $1.00
  • Roma Tomatoes $.68 pound
  • Petite Sirlion Steak $2.67 pound
  • Johnsonville Brats 3 for $10.00
  • Nautilus (16 oz.) Large Tail On Shrimp $3.87 each
  • W.F. (16 oz.) Sour Cream $.77 each
  • W.F. (6 oz.) yogurt (assorted varieties) $.37 each
  • W.F. (24 oz.) Tomato Ketchup $.87 each
  • 24 packs of Pepsi Products 2 for $4.88 (for your 1st two)
  • Red Baron Pizza 2 for $5.00
  • Lay's Potato Chips (assorted varieties) $1.85 each
  • Clover Club Potato Chips (assorted varieties) $1.58 each
  • Don Julio Tortilla Chips $.88 each
  • Nabisco Snack Crackers (assorted varieties) $1.88 each
  • Colgate Toothpaste (original ) $.97 each
  • VO5 (15 oz.) Shampoo or Conditioner $.77 each
  • Foamy (11 oz.) Shaving Cream 3 for $5.00
Don't forget to check out the great deals at Nel's Bi Lo Market. They offer weekly in house and local specials, in addition to the Associated Food's specials!

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