Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday!

It's my fourth child's birthday tomorrow. He's going to be eight years old this year ( Eight is great when your name is Nate!). Bless his little heart he has asked for homemade pizza for dinner and a puppy cake for dessert. We started the tradition with our kid's that on their birthdays they can pick whatever they want for dinner, and what kind of cake/ dessert they want. Since he's my baby (sniff! sniff!) I felt like I should make some sort of an effort to fill his request. Thank you to the ladies on Pinching Your Pennies for their help doing the research, and their good ideas that made this dessert possible! Well, here is my masterpiece!! Obviously, I had better not quit my day job (HA! HA!)! He is happy though, so I suppose that is all that matters! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATE THE GREAT! WE LOVE YOU!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday Nate. The cake looks great Tina. Hope you had a great day!



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