Sunday, March 20, 2011

This Week's Menu 3/21. The Potato Edition

(this week's Bountiful Basket)
 The new fridge is going to be delivered this Friday, so that gives me another week to use up more freezer items. I also discovered that about 30 pounds of potatoes that I have downstairs in my storage room (it's nice and cold down there) are starting to grow sprouts. I need to hurry up and use them before they are to mushy to eat. I will be incorporating a lot of potato dishes into this week's menu. Thank goodness the troops like potatoes; hopefully there won't be too many complaints!

This week's Bountiful Baskets was full of great produce. It is still lacking the usual lettuce (most of the lettuce crops in Mexico froze last month), but it is almost time to plant my lettuce seeds here in Idaho.  If you don't have Bountiful Baskets available in your area, I would encourage you to check out other local produce co ops or your local farmer's markets. I am thinking that local resources will probably be the cheapest options for buying produce this spring and summer. This week's menu will consist of:

Peach Mango Cobbler

Pork Roast 
Mashed Potatoes and Cauliflower 
( the troops are cauliflower haters,so I boil the cauliflower with the potatoes and mash them all together. 
No one has ever figured it out!)
Green Beans

Tomatoes and Lettuce

Chicken and Noodles
Green Salad 

Venison Steak 
Baked Potatoes (baking extra potatoes for Friday's dinner)

Hash browns (made from yesterday's baked potatoes)
Creamy Sausage Gravy
Poached Eggs

(using the other half pound of sausage from yesterday's sausage gravy, instead of hamburger)
Garlic Bread (using any leftover rolls)

Since, grocery prices seems to increase every time I go to the grocery store and my grocery budget has not increased, I am really trying to eliminate food waste. I am also trying to stretch meat into two meals. Hopefully, this week's menu incorporates that!

How have you been stretching your grocery budget?


  1. Great menu! Sounds delicious!

  2. I keep trying to remember to use up the freezer, and to stretch things, I've been adding more meatless meals. Must develop a more impressive repertoire, as Hubby's not been too keen on a couple of the latest experiments. well, me either! ha!

  3. Love the menu!! Gotta love potatoes, especially Idaho grown. I really miss them. Great job stretching things and congrats on the almost new family member...the fridge!!

  4. I love how you are sneaky with the cauliflower...and they have never figured it out :)

    You have encouraged me to look into a co-op for veggies and stuff. I will have to research it!

  5. Looks like a good meal plan to me!
    I need lessons on making homemade hash browns. I've never been able to master it. I just get mushy potatoes. :(

  6. I am trying to use up everything so nothing is thrown out. I am not creative with food like you, so I am limited. I read that food prices here in Canada are set to increase 8% in 2011!!! YIKES!!!!!!! I truly do not know how low income individuals like seniors are expected to survive. Food banks are being stretched to their limits and food donations are down due to increased food prices. It is a vicious catch 22. Blogs like yours are so inspiring and I am learing lots. Thanks!

  7. We've been working our way through some stuff in the freezer too. Aren't you so excited to get your new fridge? I could go for a big spoonful of garlic mashed potatoes about now!



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