Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ridley's and BiLo's (Associated Food) Deals 7/13- 7/19

I guess the phrase "better late than never" is appropriate right now. I know I am a few days late posting, but there are some really good deal's at Ridley's this week!

Leaf lettuce (assorted varieties) $.69 each
Cantaloupe 3 pounds for $1.00
Roma tomatoes $.59 pound
15 pound bag of russet potatoes $1.49 each
Assorted (2 liter) Coke products $.99 each
Shasta (12 count) soda $1.43 each (for your first two)
Pork loin chops $1.49 pound
Shank portion ham $.99 pound (Butt portion $1.29 pound)
Cache Valley (2 pound bag assorted varieties) shredded cheese $4.99 each
W.F. (1 dozen) medium eggs $.59 each
W.F. (1 pound) box margarine $.48 each
Don Julio (10 count) flour tortillas $.99 each
Maruchan (2.25 oz cup) ramen noodles $.29 each

If you live in Pocatello, Idaho there is a fabulous local Mom and Pop grocery store (Nel's Bi-Lo Market). I am a firm believer is supporting local businesses (since Dear Hubby happens to own one), and Nel's Bi-Lo has been family run since 1957. They also carry Western Family products, and there sales are generally the same as Ridley's. They pride themselves on customer service, catering for family functions and large groups (I have sampled several of their entrees over the year's and all were excellent), fresh produce, quality butchered meat( it's some of the best I have ever eaten), and their own in house made sausage (some of the best Dear Hubby has ever eaten, and he is a sausage SNOB!)!

They also carry a variety of canning produce (by the case) during late summer and early fall. Each week they a have extra produce specials on Thursday and meat specials on Saturday that are definitely worth taking advantage of! You can sign up for a weekly email of their specials in the store or check them out by clicking on Hot Buys here.

This week Nel's Bi-Lo has a full flat of strawberries for $7.99 (first come, first serve). So stock up and put some in the freezer (and maybe try your hand at some strawberry freezer jam. Check out this recipe at Prudence Pennywise's blog)!
They are also having a 3 day Summer Grilling Sale July 15, 16, and 17th. There are some EXCELLENT deals, so check it out soon!

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  1. Thanks for the deals!
    I love Bi-Lo, too. They prepare all of our meat for funerals (we seem to have a lot in our ward), and their roast beef is always divine. It's pretty reasonable to have them prepare it, as well as ham or turkey. I love to support them, since they have chosen to remain closed on Sundays.



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