Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Roast Beef Redo

Bless my dear sweet friends and family! They have saved my behind repeatedly over the last twelve days. Ever since my darling husband decided to fall knee first onto the pavement at work(effectively shattering his left knee cap and rendering himself immobile). Someone has showed up daily with a meal, a treat, or a shoulder to cry on! I am overwhelmed with gratitude! There have been so many yummy things to eat at our house, my children have been in hog heaven (literally)! One of the many contributions was a delicious roast. This was a particular treat because beef roast appears on our table only if I can find a fabulous deal, usually we end up eating pork roast. I did not want even one smidgen of the roast to go to waste, so I have been recreating it every night to use it up. Here's what I did:

Sunday: Roast, baked potatoes, green jello salad(the children sang with joy over this),rolls, and cake arrived at our door.

Monday: Cubed up two cups of roast and added it to brown gravy, served it on mashed potatoes, and added corn on the side. The kids finished the jello.

Tuesday: Leftover roast and gravy (from Monday) served on rice. Added some broccoli, cauliflower, carrot medley on the side.

Tonight: Three more cups of cubed roast were added to the crock pot along with a quart of tomatoes, a stew seasoning packet, two tablespoons beef bullion, 6 cups of water, the two leftover baked potatoes (from Sunday's dinner), leftover corn (from Monday's dinner), the last of the frozen green beans, a bottle of canned carrots (from last years garden), and a big handful of split peas (we are out of frozen peas; I have just discovered), sprinkled in some pepper, and added a bay leaf on top. I'm letting it cook on low all day. The house smells wonderful!

I'm so proud of myself. I made one roast last for four meals! We have been truly blessed in our hour of need! Thank you to everyone who has helped and prayed for us! You will never know what it has meant to our family!

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  1. 1 roast, 4 days!?! WOW! I can usually get 2 and occasionally 3 meals off a roast. We also have done French dip, home canned stew and spaghetti with left over roast. I am glad all is going well for you guys. Remember, what goes around comes around. You do so much for so many others it is about time someone got to do for all YOU!



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